3/17/2022 at 10:28 am

Missions Campaign 2022

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This Sunday kicks off our annual missions campaign! Each year, you all have faithfully prayed and contributed financially to support people and projects that are taking the gospel all over the world to very unreached places. We’ll get into the details over the next few weeks, but to begin with, let’s just remember all the missions-related projects that our little church has been involved with this past year.

  • Church-planting in Severance, Colorado, one of the fastest growing communities in the nation with very few churches
  • Next-generation ministry to high schoolers and college students who statistically are very underexposed to the gospel
  • International student ministry that is reaching college students at CSU from all around the world, many of which come from countries that are very closed to the gospel
  • Afghan refugee resettlement that welcomes displaced families who have been forced to resettle in America
  • Middle East refugee ministry in Amsterdam where many people have been forced to flee in recent years
  • Central Asia missions where some of the most unreached peoples live and where exists the intersection between the East, the West, and the Muslim worlds
  • Middle East missions that support a Summitview family as they bring light to a very closed country in the heart of the Middle East
  • Japan missions in which the gospel is being brought to a large, influential, and very unreached country
  • Hong Kong missions in which a church is being strengthened that is holding on to the gospel in an environment that is becoming more and more restricted
  • Costa Rica missions that are being developed as we build a relationship with a church that is ministering to disadvantaged people from throughout Central America
  • Cross-cultural ministry to students from all over the world through the development of an online ministry that grew out of previous Asian missions that can no longer happen in person

Is that not encouraging? And it’s not just that a few people are taking big steps of faith in distant places. It’s that an entire church has joined together in an effort to catalyze the spreading of the gospel throughout the world. That’s worthy of celebration.

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll get an opportunity to hear about each of these projects, often from the missionaries themselves. Their stories and details about the campaign will be posted at summitview.com/missions. Before then, we invite you to begin to pray. Pray for these missionaries and projects. And pray for yourself as you consider what role you might play in supporting them. Last year, we raised about $64,000. This year, we’re aiming to duplicate that with an overall goal of $60,000.

So please join us as we renew our focus on God’s mission to the nations, remembering that God’s church really does make a difference. The gospel is going out. Light is shining in dark places. Churches are being built up. God is being glorified.