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July 14, 2022
Extended, focused, uninterrupted time with God is an invaluable gift
June 30, 2022
Christians will never be judged by the law. Period.
June 16, 2022
To be honest, many of the conversations I’ve been in lately have been focused on very practical things impacting our lives. These include gas prices
May 19, 2022
I long to be able to say at the end of my life that I lived well and kept the faith.
May 5, 2022
I am excited to tell you a few reasons why I love Backyard Kids Club.
April 28, 2022
We’re looking for a private owner who will rent to the refugees.
April 14, 2022
We can shortcut too quickly to the end of the story, and in so doing, miss the significance of Good Friday as well as Easter.
April 7, 2022
Our pain doesn’t have to obscure hope. It can actually enhance it.
March 17, 2022
This Sunday kicks off our annual missions campaign!

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