8/19/2020 at 3:52 pm

Large Gathering Service on August 23!

Dear Summitview Family,

We are excited for the opportunity to all gather together this Sunday, August 23rd! Some of us will be gathering in our building, while others will be joining us from home. It’s obvious that you are also excited; many of you have already RSVPed to attend the service. If you haven’t RSVPed (perhaps due to forgetting or seeing full numbers on the registration page) please do so now as we are seeking to accommodate all those interested.

The service will begin at 9:30 a.m. If you are gathering in the building, please plan to arrive by 9:15 a.m. If you are joining us from home, please have communion ready for those in your house.

In terms of entering our building for the service, we will largely follow the same protocol we detailed for our July 19th service, which a couple fresh adjustments.

Here are details for the service on August 23rd:

Please gather up in the parking lot early with your house church/household. We encourage you to catch up together, with a mask off or on (optional outside). Wait to enter the West Doors until you are ready to be seated with your entire house church/household. If you enter apart from your house church, you will likely not be able to sit with your house church.

Due to high interest in this gathering, we have an overflow room for extra space. If your reservation says “Overflow Room” you enter the building through the gym door nearest the West Doors, and join the service via a livestream setup in the Gym.

Hospitality volunteers, wearing bright orange bandanas (and smiling behind their masks) will direct you to a pew where you can sit with your house church, but socially distanced from others. Please respectfully follow their instruction as they are serving our church family.

You will be directed into one of the three middle doors (instead of just the very middle door as we did last service).

To better seat everyone at a comfortable distance from others, please DO NOT reserve pews for others ahead of time. Last service, this led to some being seated too close for comfort to others. 

While many rows closest to the stage will be used for general seating (green highlighted section – see image below), we have two sections for special cases. If you anticipate needing to leave the auditorium during the service (perhaps some families with small children), please request to sit in the back rows highlighted in yellow. If you desire to be further back/away from others due to preference or health concern, please request to be seated in the red or yellow highlighted sections.

We get to take communion together after the sermon in the same room for the first time in over 5 months! For those in the auditorium, you will find an individually packaged bread wafer/juice in the cup holder in front of you (you’ll of course slip off your mask briefly to take communion). For those in an overflow room, you will find the same on your chair.

At the end of the service, you will be dismissed by hospitality volunteers to the closest door (West or Drake or Ramp). You’re welcome to take off your mask when you exit the building, as masks are optional outside.

We encourage you to keep walking until you arrive near the playground, which is on the east side of the parking lot. This will enable us to see the entire attending church family, and not get separated in two different clusters.

We’re looking forward to sharing this upcoming time together with you!
-The Pastors of Summitview