Sunday School

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Thanks for signing your child up for Sunday School! Here are some quick details to know about the process:


Please pre-screen your child at home for any COVID symptoms (cough, fever, etc.)

Arrive for check-in between 9:20 a.m. and 9:25 a.m. Check-in is at a table near the main children’s ministry hallway (in the lobby near the door to the gym bathrooms).

Please form a socially-distanced line while waiting.

Pick up your child’s pre-printed name tag from the table. Note that when you RSVP for the service in advance of Sunday, select the Sunday School “add-on” for each child so we can pre-print their tag ahead of time. Summitview Kids staff will be present to assist you as needed.


Pick-up your child after the service (around 10:30 a.m.) at the same location as check-in.

In order to allow for social distancing, we are limiting those walking down the hallway to one family at a time.


In the event you need to come pick up or attend to your child, we will page you. If you are in the auditorium, we will put your child’s number on a small screen to the right of the stage. If you are in the gym, we will send you a text message.


Masks are required for participants as determined by the overall church policy for Sunday mornings.

Classrooms are cleaned before Sunday morning in keeping with health standards.

There are masks and hand-sanitizer available in each of the classrooms, as well as extra cleaning supplies for the volunteers to use as needed.

We may be utilizing the playground outside for some of the older classes to get more fresh air and spread out. On cooler days, please bring a light jacket for your child so they can feel more comfortable outdoors.

Backyard Kids Club Update

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Dear Summitview Families,

Backyard Kids Club (BKC) is Vacation Bible School in your backyard! BKC is designed for preschool through elementary-aged children. This year, we encourage families, house churches, and small groups, as their convictions allow, to host a Backyard Kids Club (BKC)! They can choose to have their BKC when and where they so choose.  Pick a week this summer that works for you, and go for it! Concrete and Cranes is an exciting BKC theme that we believe will bless you and your children.

Due to the continued uncertainty and continual change of the restrictions related to the coronavirus, we will be unable to host Celebration Sunday and organize the normal Music Team activities for BKC this summer.  We are saddened that this has occurred this year, but are excited that BKC can still occur in a unique and different way this summer.

Summitview Kids will provide the usual BKC kits and craft supplies for your group. Supplies will be ready for distribution by the end of June. Please let us know if you would like to participate!

Most importantly we must remember the goal of BKC: To share the love of Jesus with our children so that that their hearts might be filled with love for Him. Let’s pray that God will accomplish this in this unique and challenging summer!

Interested in hosting a BKC? We would love to have possible participant numbers by June 16. This will help us get enough supplies and distribute them in a timely manner.

Questions? Email and for more details!