1/13/2022 at 3:21 pm

You don’t need a special degree …

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2022!  It’s here and even though we’re a couple of weeks into it, I’m hoping there’s still room on your New Year’s resolutions list to add one more really meaningful goal. Can you commit this year to being intentional about passing your faith on to future generations? That can happen in many ways, and one of those ways is to be a part of Summitview Kids ministry.

Last Sunday, Chad spoke about serving in our kids ministry.  As I glance over the sign-up sheets, I see names of moms and dads that I know have jobs or personalities that really don’t match up with typical “teacher” qualifications.  I see names of college students, single adults and grandparents that don’t have any special degrees on how to teach the Bible.  Some of these people may not even honestly think that they’re qualified to sign up at all.  But they still sign up.  And you know what…that’s awesome!  We trust that God will equip us for these callings.  

The actual tasks that you may end up doing on a Sunday School morning may seem silly or unimportant.  Leading the motions to a silly song or piecing together painted pasta shells with yarn to make necklaces or playing games using clues from the Bible may seem trivial. However, when the driving force behind all these tasks is passing on our faith to the younger generations, they become important moments that will collectively have an impact on the hearts of these children. By living out and modeling our faith in all aspects of our lives including our Sunday School rooms – even something like making pasta necklaces with a child for them to give away –  we are obeying God’s calling to make disciples.  

We’re not recruiting perfect, experienced, well-educated teachers and helpers.  What we are doing is supporting willing servants who have hearts to serve and help shepherd the minds and hearts of the next generation. Sure, we have tools in place to guide and help you like teacher lesson books and more crafts supplies than you can ever imagine using, but what really matters is the faith and love that is lived out in each Sunday School room every Sunday morning.  Children grow in faith when they are told – and shown – that God loves them, that Jesus gave himself for them, and that the Holy Spirit fills them. So please consider adding “passing your faith on to the future generations of disciples” to your New Year’s resolutions.  It will have eternal rewards beyond what we can ever measure or imagine. And thank you to all of you who helped us get a good start on building up our spring rotation crew!  We are blessed by your hearts to serve.  

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