5/05/2022 at 3:49 pm

Three Reasons to Love Backyard Kids Club

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Hi Church Family! I am excited to tell you a few reasons why I love Backyard Kids Club, and give us all reason to highly esteem pouring into the next generations through this fun summer week.

The first time I started helping out in college, I felt out of place and wondered if I was needed. I soon found out – definitely needed. I was able to help hand out snacks, help kiddos effectively listen in story time, count out glue dots, set an example for how to be excellent at freeze tag, and even play Esther in a skit. BKC is an awesome way to serve and find lasting friendships of all ages.

Point 1: The backyard is a fun place to meet Jesus. Watch this video to hear more of my thoughts on this one.

Another highlight of BKC is getting to bop around town, with that funky music blaring, looking at the family across from you, knowing they are doing the same thing. That golden CD handed out the first day becomes a precious commodity! The gospel is in catchy songs: “This is the Blueprint, Gods Plan! …” Suddenly, I have a tool with me as I share with the  non-believing neighbor that I’ve invited, a tool when I feel like I’m fumbling the gospel to an intellectual who is asking hard questions, and a tool when I’m tucking my kiddo in and they are feeling the weight of their sin. I could go on. But I’ll just let you join me in June. Point 2: BKC shares the gospel in a simple way that is memorable and shareable.

Lastly, there is a team of amazing people that are ready to be your cheerleader, especially if you’re considering hosting. Like Chad mentioned on Sunday, 85% of people come to know Jesus in the age 4-14 window. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me” when they were thought to be a hindrance. I can feel that tension in our culture today that children are somehow a nuisance or busy-work – not of value. But Jesus asked the children to come to him. Held them and talked to them. Tap into Jesus’ heart with us this summer as we sit on the ground with the kiddos in our lap, speaking (and singing) the gospel to them!  Point 3: Hosting/serving is not hard, in fact, it’s the heart of Jesus – it’s wildly rewarding.

– Stacey Parr