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Let’s Show Them Jesus

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It’s that time again…time to pull together an amazing team of parents, family and friends to love on the children of our church just like Jesus would.  Scripture tells us that when the disciples tried to dismiss a group of children asking to see Jesus, Jesus was upset and pretty much point blank told his disciples to:

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

Matthew 19:14

He didn’t instruct the disciples to tell the parents and kids to leave or even have them wait.  No, in fact, he made a point to show the disciples (and us) what an important place in his heart he held for these young ones. Jesus was eager to welcome them into his arms and bless them.  What an amazing scene it must have been!  I can imagine there were hugs, sweet smiles exchanged and maybe even some laughing and playing.   Bottom line, those children most definitely felt God’s love!   I pray that each and every child at Summitview will experience the love of Jesus like that every time they come to Sunday School.   Would you mind if I asked you to join me in praying over these children?  Yep, please stop reading and take a moment to pray over the children of our church and the Summitview Kids ministry. 

Thanks so much for your prayers!   

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

It’s pretty important: a calling from God to be diligent in discipling our children.  It’s a big deal and a big job to raise up the next generation of disciples.  Ultimately, the responsibility rests on parents.  Through the Summitview Kids ministry we hope to support all our parents in this endeavor.  However, we also invite everyone from every season of life to take part in this incredible ministry because like we said before. . . it’s a big job!  So please don’t think “Oh, everyone else will sign up so they don’t need me.”  We do need you.  And please don’t think “Oh, my kids are all grown (or I don’t have any kids)  so they don’t need me.”  We would truly love to have you on the team!  But mostly, please don’t think “I can’t do this because I don’t know how.”  God’s got your back.  Plus, we’re here to help!  

Let’s all step out in faith because God’s got great plans for each and every one of these kids.  We need to ensure they are equipped for the spiritual journey God will take each of them on. So please take a moment to consider what kind of part you would be able to commit to this year.  

No part is too big or too small.  Really!   There’s opportunities for all you moms and dads, older sisters and brothers, musicians, story tellers, college kids, singles and empty nesters.    

How about rocking a little one to sleep in the nursery while you pray over them? What a blessing your kindness would be to our young families.  Or maybe you’ve got a talent for story-telling.   Use it to make a Bible story come alive to a group of young hearts that will grow up to be bold warriors in God’s army.  Or maybe you’re better with older kids.  In that case, come and inspire some pre-teens to stand strong in a world that would rather shut them down.  Play the guitar or love singing?  Well, grab your guitar or bring on your awesome vocals and share your love for worship with these kids.   Let’s show them Jesus through the love we shower on them in Sunday School!  

So who’s up for this crazy, wonderful calling?  Take a look at the opportunities we have to serve in the next Summitview Kids ministry rotation that runs February through May of 2021 and find your fit today!  Also, please continue to pray over these kids, their families and the Summitview Kids Ministry.  Thanks so much. 

– Rochelle Witman
Children’s Ministry Admin

A Message from our Summitview Kids Deacon