12/30/2021 at 9:41 am

A Reflection on 2021

Each December we speak about giving. After all, end-of-the-year giving really matters in the church world, with special year-end gifts accounting for a significant part of our income. However, as we’ve spoken about giving, we’ve tried not to make it all about balancing a budget. Instead, we encourage you to have proactive, thoughtful faith (2 Corinthians 9:7) as you think about the work of the church, and prayerfully decide if it’s worth investing in.

Jesus described the kingdom of God using images that communicate subtle but steady growth. A mustard seed begins small but then becomes the largest of garden plants. A small amount of yeast works through the whole batch of dough. Seed sprouts while the farmer sleeps, though he doesn’t know how. Basically, God often accomplishes his work in ways that aren’t very flashy and don’t seem like they’re doing much. But later, when you stop and look around, you see something extraordinary.

That’s how we often feel when we look at the church at the end of the year. Throughout the year, we plod along, trying to faithfully honor God, and wonder if much is happening. But come December, when we reflect on the year, we see that subtle nature of kingdom growth. Just think of what has happened through Summitview Church in 2021.

  • A team was sent to Severance to plant a church
  • Christmas gift bags were created and distributed to 62 families through our Christmas drive-thru event
  • Summitview missionaries sowed gospel seeds in Japan, Hong Kong, Central Asia and the Middle East
  • The Summitview Benevolence fund supported dozens of people experiencing financial hardship
  • College students were trained intensively in the gospel over the summer and now gospel conversations happen on campus every week
  • United prayer happened regularly through Sunday morning prayer meetings
  • The CSU Moms have renewed their ministry of caring and praying for CSU students through the fall semester
  • Summitview Kids maintained a vibrant children’s ministry in the middle of a pandemic and brought grace and truth each week to young, impressionable hearts
  • Service Saturdays mobilized dozens of volunteers to serve people in our church family
  • Two new next-generation hires were made to minister to high school and college students
  • New carpet and a new front sign were installed
  • Corporate worship happened to an even greater degree through regular worship and prayer mornings
  • The DTC summer youth conference strengthened teens’ faith in the reality of God and the reliability of His Word as teachings focused on apologetic arguments
  • Backyard Kids Clubs took the gospel to neighborhoods throughout the city
  • God’s truth was delivered through teachings on Acts, Jonah, John and even a special series on social justice

And that’s not to mention all the unseen discipleship that happens in small groups and in everyday interactions. Truly, the mustard seed has grown.

So as the year comes to an end, we invite you to prayerfully consider giving to your local church. Not out of compulsion and obligation, but out of an enthusiastic desire to unite with the extraordinary work that God accomplishes through the church.

As a reminder, any tax-deductible gifts for 2021 must be received or postmarked by December 31. You can give via cash or check at the tithe boxes in our lobby or just inside the office entrance, or you can give online at summitview.com/give

Thank you again for your faith,
The Summitview Pastors