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I, Phone: Love and Addiction in the Age of Distraction


Our smartphones are doing something to us.

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Women Are Made in God’s Image, Too


But you wouldn’t know it by how we treat them.

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Human Life Is Sacred


It is providential that Sanctity of Life Sunday lands on the Sunday following Martin Luther King Day. God has seen it fit to arrange the American calendar in such a way to give the church opportunities to proclaim the value of human life. In the span of one week, we are able to affirm that all of us—the marginalized and oppressed, the widow and orphan, the unborn and unwanted—have worth in God’s eyes.

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Go Fig-ure: Jesus Wants to Redeem Our Authority


Jesus had a busy day at the office on the Monday after his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. I mean, he did work, son. He cursed fig trees, he ran the chief priests in circles after they questioned his authority, he told a bunch of parables, he debated the Pharisees and, depending on how you read the order of events in the gospel accounts, he even kicked a bunch of people out of the temple (see Matthew 21:18-22:46 and Mark 11:12-19).

In all of the things that Jesus did and said on Holy Monday, one constant theme through all of it is that of authority. Yes, Jesus’ authority is on display — in cursing the fig tree, in cleansing the temple, in the debates with the religious elites — but our authority is also being addressed.

Authority is about the use of power. As image bearers of God, this means that power should be used to bring flourishing, to bring good. We are image bearers because God has given us authority (Genesis 1:26-30). When we express authority in creative, God-honoring and life-bringing ways, we mirror the divine.

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Q&A: Eschatology, Honoring Parents, Imaging God, Discipleship/Motherhood and Church Planting

What’s the deal with eschatology — does it matter, should I have one? How do I follow Jesus and honor my parents if they aren’t saved? How do I balance vulnerability and authority? As a mother, I feel overwhelmed with making disciples of my own children, let alone others outside my home — what should I do? Why has it been so long since Summitview planted a church?

These are the questions from last Sunday’s Q&A session. Can you believe the range and depth of these questions? It’s amazing. For the answers, clickety click the play button on the videos below.

You can watch past Q&A videos here. And if you have questions about Christianity, the Bible, life, the universe or anything else, we’d love to have you join us for our next Q&A session this Sunday 15 minutes after the service. As always, questions can be texted in beforehand. To text us your questions, text “QNA42” to 91011!

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