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Summer around the Son: Rock LT Gets Underway in Fort Collins


Thirty-eight students, 10 weeks, one mission.

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Lost (and Found) in Translation: A Day in the Life of the Du Family


The Du family is making a home in Fort Collins while still longing for a better country.

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Vote: Why Local Politics Matter More Than You Think


A Q&A with Kurt Kastein about the importance and function of city government.

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Truth, Justice and a Better Way: A Conversation about Racism and the Gospel


You will most likely read an article similar to this one later this year and probably again a year or so after that. This is not meant to devalue your current use of time and oxygen. It’s meant to underscore a problem in our country that doesn’t seem to be going away.

Much of the time we forget there is a problem. Our 24-hour news cycle ruins our memory. Sorry, can’t recall what happened two weeks ago—something super important is going down right now!

Trayvon Martin was killed nearly five years ago. Michael Brown was killed just over two years ago. But in our collective conscience, these stories may as well have taken place a generation ago. Even the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, two black men who were shot and killed by police officers on July 5 and 6, respectively, of this year, have already faded from our memories. This is particularly strange given that it was their deaths that prompted the Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas on July 7.

Do you remember Dallas? Five Dallas police officers, who were providing security for the rally, were shot and killed by a sniper. I remember Dallas. I watched it unfold in real time on Twitter. I remember the feeling of despair sinking deeper and deeper into my gut. I remember thinking that our country was coming apart.

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Topless in the Areopagus: The Importance of Words and Worldview in the Public Square


It wasn’t exactly the fun night on the town that my husband and I envisioned once our kids left home. But on Tuesday, Scott and I joined other Fort Collins citizens at the City Council meeting to see if a city ordinance would be changed to allow female nudity from the waist up. This proposed change caught the attention of national news outlets mainly, I’m sure, because “topless” is a word that gets lots of clicks — which, ironically, is part of the problem we wanted to address.

When the Council finished presenting the two options — amend the prohibition to allow for breastfeeding in public or change it to allow toplessness completely — about 40 people lined up to speak their minds. Each person had a two-minute limit, and I was struck by the lucidity of the speakers. A variety of points were made, and some people took the time before they spoke to complement previous thoughts. It was civil and organized and passionate. I came away wishing the presidential debates went like this.

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