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Your Weakness Is a Gift from God


Only God can turn our faults into gifts and our weaknesses into powerful displays of his light.

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Totally Devoted: Three Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Time with God

The way you approach devotional times might change based on your season of life. And that's OK.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Moralistic Bootstraps or Effective Means of Grace?

Do you like to make resolutions? Or are you more jazzy in your approach to plans for the new year? Here, four ATN writers offer their perspectives on New Year’s resolutions.

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Sebastien Dekleva: A Faith to Call His Own


Sebastien Dekleva grew up in a Christian family. He’s been attending Summitview basically since birth. He was a staff intern for a few years and played in the youth worship band.

But all that activity, all that cultural fluency did not mean that all was well in his soul.

“I was wondering, ‘Can this faith be my own?’” Sebasiten said. “I would almost feel like I was lying to people. This feels mechanical. It’s not something I have joy in.”

Anger, frustration and restlessness were building in Sebastien’s heart. He wanted to get away from the church and the town that he had grown up in. But God begin to answer prayers, and through a summer in Los Angeles with other Rockers, Sebastien found a full sense of joy and purpose in his faith that had never been there before.

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Have Courage, Be Kind: ‘Cinderella’ as a Guide in Our Troubled Times


I feel a bit like Henny Penny. The sky may be falling. For real this time. I don't believe I'm alone in feeling depleted of hope. I'm battling but I'm sinking. These last months and especially these last few weeks my mind has run the gauntlet, slamming into shock, disbelief, anger, sadness, disillusionment and fear. My heart asks, have we have lost the ability to be kind?

As I've processed, one story continues to resurface: Cinderella. Yes, I'm serious. I love fairy tales and never tire of remakes and spin-offs. And Disney's most recent remake of this classic tale is fabulous. I realize some people would rather pluck out their eyelashes one by one than watch a “chick flick,” but everyone should watch Cinderella. It will be good for your soul.

We know the plot so well, it becomes a children’s story and nothing more. But place yourself in her glass slippers, figuratively. Loss. More loss. Cruelty. Injustice. Betrayal. Uncertainty. And although we know her story ends with a heavy dose of happily, her journey was far from easy. The beauty and encouragement come from how she chose to walk through so much heartbreak and injustice.

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