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Season 3: The True, The Good, The Beautiful

Season 3 is is about what it means to be made in the image of God, and how that image is refreshed through the true, the good, the beautiful. City planners, opera singers, theater directors, stay-at-home mothers, outdoor recreation instructors and one-day-maybe artists share their stories and how they’ve made sense of their faith through their creative callings.

CATHEDRALS OF RENEWAL // The death of a daughter. The redemption of a relationship. The care and healing experienced in the outdoors. In this episode, Monique Thompson takes us on her journey through beauty and grief and back to the never-changing, always-loving arms of Jesus. Because no matter where we go, no matter how much we’ve lost, return is always possible.

SHE STARTED SINGING, I STARTED CRYING // How far would you go to pursue God’s calling for your life? In this episode, we talk with Patrick Miller, a tenured chorister at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, about how he got into singing, how he pursued (and doubted) God’s call on his life—and why an art form like opera is so good at satisfying our emotional appetites. You can listen to more of Patrick’s work at

THEATER AS A THEATER OF DIVINE GLORY // Frances Way and Wendy Metzger are big believers in the life-changing power of a good story. Frances is the director, and Wendy is the assistant director, of Lost Marbles Theatrics, a Christian high school acting troupe in Fort Collins, Colorado. In this episode, we talk about art, worship, and how theater and the performing arts offer us a way to practice our scenes in God’s grand narrative.

EAT, READ, FLOURISH // In this episode, Aimee Fuhrman and Stephanie Carney help us consider the way certain routines in the home show our kids the heart of the faith and how to love like Jesus. It’s discipleship through family culture—how to make it good, true and beautiful even if you have lots of kids and are tempted to get Taco Bell three times a week.

BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD // Art is hard. But it matters. Your creative and artistic calling is important, even if you never get published or become rich and famous. We have to create, we have to art, because that’s what we’re made to do. It’s what our kids are made to do, and helping them pursue beauty at all costs is what discipleship is about. In this episode, Trevor Sides and Tim Constant talk about art, writing, beauty, culture and what it means to be made in the image of God.

HOW TO MAKE A CITY // Season 3 begins with Darin Atteberry, City Manager for the City of Fort Collins. He’s been at this post for 22 years, which is unheard of in the world of city managers. In this episode, we talk about the character of our fair city and how that character is shaped through its design and culture. We also talk about the challenges presented by population growth and mental health issues, including suicide.

'You've Got Mail' Retrospective

You’ve Got Mail hit theaters December 18, 1998. To celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary, Stephanie Carney and Trevor Sides take a deep dive into the quotes, cast and technology of the classic romantic comedy.

Season 2: Go, Therefore

In season 2 of the All Things New podcast, we looked at how God is at work reconciling the nations to himself through the people and projects we’re supporting in Summitview’s 2018 Missions Fund. From Japan, to Hong Kong, to East Asia, to Amsterdam, to Honduras, to the dorms on the Colorado State University campus, and to future church plants, these stories will give you a glimpse of how God is on the move in our world, among the nations, for their good and his glory.

Season 1: Work Like Jesus

In season 1, we explored God’s intentions for our work—why our vocations matter and how they express love for God and neighbor. With this kind of love, our work takes on eternal significance.