Death. Politics. Relational strife. 2016 was a wild and difficult year. You might think we’re gluttons for punishment to rehash the major storylines from the past 12 months, but sometimes by looking back we can more clearly see the way forward. As preparation for 2017, we’ll be reposting the five most-popular posts of 2016 from All Things New. God is the author of history, and because of that, our reflection can be an opportunity for gratitude and hope.

The countdown begins at No. 5 with Trevor Sides’s appreciation of Jim Carrey’s Golden Globes speech back in February. It’s a fitting way to begin our re-examination of 2016 because Carrey’s speech is about perspective and contentment, two things we would do well to embrace as we begin the calendar anew.

Let’s Talk about Jim Carrey’s Golden Globes Speech


It’s awards season. The Grammy Awards were a few nights ago, the Golden Globes did their thing back in January and the Academy Awards are February 28. Based on the ratings for the Grammy’s and the Globes, not everyone is into this annual parade of self-congratulatory preening from the Hollywood elite. We can only watch people pat themselves on the back so many times. It’s as if we’re watching an entire industry do their best Ron Burgundy impression. “Hey, everyone, come and see how good I look!” It can often be off-putting and ridiculous and (truth be told) boring.

But sometimes there’s a break in the script that makes it all worth it and that shows us how much we have in common with the stars.

Enter Jim Carrey’s presentation at the Golden Globes.


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