Death. Politics. Relational strife. 2016 was a wild and difficult year. You might think we’re gluttons for punishment to rehash the major storylines from the past 12 months, but sometimes by looking back we can more clearly see the way forward. As preparation for 2017, we’ll be reposting the five most-popular posts of 2016 from All Things New. God is the author of history, and because of that, our reflection can be an opportunity for gratitude and hope.

The countdown continues at No. 4 with the Summitview pastors’ explanation for why a post in July about the 2016 election was taken down from ATN. Political controversy in 2016? No way.

Why We Removed the Post about the 2016 Presidential Election


Last month, we posted a dialogue between Trevor Sides and Vanessa Felhauer, two regular contributors to All Things New, discussing their differing political views and intentions related to the upcoming presidential election. Many of you appreciated that dialogue, but we also know that many of you were troubled by that post and the discussion that followed. We as pastors, therefore, would like to offer a few thoughts related to the post.


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