Death. Politics. Relational strife. 2016 was a wild and difficult year. You might think we’re gluttons for punishment to rehash the major storylines from the past 12 months, but sometimes by looking back we can more clearly see the way forward. As preparation for 2017, we’ll be reposting the five most-popular posts of 2016 from All Things New. God is the author of history, and because of that, our reflection can be an opportunity for gratitude and hope.

The countdown continues at No. 2 with Ryene Majeski’s tribute to the late Alan Rickman. The deaths of David Bowie, Rickman, Harper Lee and Prince began 2016 with a mood that we couldn’t escape the rest of the year. The loss of prominent culture makers is always a sobering blow, but exits like Rickman’s early in 2016 proved to be all the more heart-wrenching because of the constant discord and disruption that followed.

Alan Rickman, 1946-2016 — and Always

by Ryene Majeski

“Alan Rickman died today.”

I heard these words first in the school lunchroom and later in a text from my dad. The feeling of loss was overwhelming. Although there is a great distance between Alan Rickman’s story and mine, he became part of my story. Dad often says that we paint with permanent markers — that’s why our work matters — and I am grateful for Alan Rickman’s mark on my life.

I started this post months ago. It sat in a corner of my closet waiting to be finished. I wrote it to remind us of the power of story, but today I am finishing it as a tribute to a man who will forever be Severus Snape to me.


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