It’s all about the true, the good, the beautiful. In the first episode, we talk to Darin Atteberry about the beauty of co-creation and the character of our city.

“Thus the very practical effects of music, myth, and image, which tease us not out of reality, but deeper and more completely into it.” – Christian Wiman

“Correctly then is this world called the mirror of divinity; not that there is sufficient clearness for man to gain a full knowledge of God, by looking at the world, but . . . the faithful, to whom he has given eyes, see sparks of his glory, as it were, glittering in every created thing. The world was no doubt made, that it might be the theater of divine glory.” – John Calvin

The production for the third season of the All Things New Podcast began way back in August. Originally, we planned on releasing this season in late October or early November, when the Summitview family was in the heart of David’s story and looking for truth in fairytales and goodness in poetry. The stories told in this season were supposed to further our dive into the true, the good, the beautiful—and how our faith is shaped by those qualities.

It is now January. We are nearing the end of David’s life. But as Providence would have it, the release of Season 3 is actually quite timely. As we close the book on David and turn our attention to the challenge of living wisely with technology (a five-week series starting February 3), this season of the ATN podcast serves as a bridge between the two sermon series.

At its heart, Season 3 is is about what it means to be made in the image of God, and how that image is refreshed through the true, the good, the beautiful. City planners, opera singers, theater directors, stay-at-home mothers, outdoor recreation instructors and one-day-maybe artists share their stories and how they’ve made sense of their faith, like David, through their creative callings. We are made by a creator God, and as his image bearers, our creativity acts as a mirror reflecting his truth, goodness and beauty. We were created to create. This is central to our role as Jesus’s disciples.

These stories, in subtle ways, also show us what the creative life requires and asks us to consider technology’s place in our pursuit of Jesus through the true, the good, the beautiful. What if our love and attention are being hijacked by the ubiquitous glow of our screens? How do we bear God’s image when we’re beholden to an endless, dopamine-infused scroll of images?

Unlike previous seasons of the ATN podcast, we’re releasing the episodes one at a time. It’s a shorter season at six episodes, and a new one will be released each of the next six weeks.

We kick off Season 3 with an interview with Darin Atteberry, City Manager for the City of Fort Collins. He’s what some might call a big deal; his home may or may not smell of rich mahogany. He’s been at this post for 22 years, which is unheard of in the world of city managers. In this episode, Darin and I talk about the character of our fair city and how that character is shaped through its design and culture. We also talk about the challenges presented by population growth and mental health issues, including suicide.

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