This is pretty cool.

Back in late August, right as the fall semester kicked into gear, John Larsen made an announcement during a Sunday service about a few moms of Colorado State University students from Summitview and Beggars’ Gate who decided to set up a table on the CSU plaza and pray for CSU students. Their sign read “CSU Moms Listen and Pray.”

This is an amazing example of loving our neighbors. It’s pretty darn cool. Go moms.

But what’s also cool is that WORLD Magazine heard about this incarnational act from one of the moms involved, Joan Allmendinger. Joel Belz, the founder of God’s World Publications, was so moved by this story that he made it the focus of his most recent column.

Belz recounts how the praying group of mothers—Joan, Janet Zuniga, Lori Mihaly and Karen Carr—got inspired and found the faith to love like Jesus in this way. Then he shares several quotes from Joan about the group’s experience praying for the students:

Joan reports that “kids were disarmed. The combination of homemade brownies, New Testaments and other basic literature, along with personal prayer support proved appropriately winsome. . . .

. . . We put a hand on students’ shoulders and prayed on the spot for their requests. I nearly choked up wondering how many of these kids had never had someone pray aloud for them and with them.”

That was just for starters. Two weeks later, the women were back on the CSU campus. . . . “We were making Jesus approachable to a population of whom few probably had a connection to a caring church. We were giving hope, care, and love. And we were sharpening our evangelism skills in a setting that normally can be hostile to the gospel.”

You can read the whole column here. Let the faith and neighborliness of these mothers sink into your soul. And as Belz himself alluded to, let their example provoke you to courageous deeds of loving your neighbors as yourself this holiday season. A country coming apart at the seams, politically and culturally, needs to see the church embody love and dismiss fear. Help your neighbors see the thrill of hope that Jesus offers to all of us.

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