Today is St. Patrick’s Day. And while many of us may frown on this “holiday” as an excuse to drink excessive amounts of (green) beer, there is a much deeper and satisfying substance to this holiday that we in the church would do well to celebrate and take to heart.

The history behind this holiday is actually quite rich and inspiring. You can summarize the (original) purpose of the holiday as a celebration of bold ambassadorship and gospel mission work.

This video gives you a concise overview of Patrick’s story and how God worked in his life:

And this piece from Desiring God provides a fairly detailed account of Patrick’s life and evangelism to the Irish, along with lessons we can learn about building “gospel bridges” into even the most Christ-opposed cultures. Because in 2015, there is an irony to this holiday. Whereas Patrick himself spent “priority” time with the godless and “barbaric” Irish, we tend to distance ourselves from certain friends, family and neighbors on this day because, you know, green beer. Maybe we should ask ourselves: What would St. Patrick do? (Possible hint: Mark 2:16-17, 1 Timothy 1:15.)

One thing we can know for sure is that St. Patrick would definitely watch a video of himself explaining the Trinity to Irish peasants. Yes, we would be remiss if, in a post about St. Patrick, we didn’t include this little gem. I mean, come on, Patrick! It is St. Patrick’s day! (Also: St. Patrick’s Bad Lip Reading!)

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