Romans Volume 5

Title: I Was Told By Jesus All Would Be Well, so All Must Be Well.

Theme: Salvation is and always has been from the Lord. He is preserving his own people by grace through faith. There is assurance here for us if we are humble enough to trust in the wisdom and depth and riches of the ways of God.

Passage: Romans 9:1-11:36

"Glory to the Root, Forever" - Romans 11:28-36

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Apr 24, 2016

The big idea of Romans 1-11 is this: God has introduced a righteousness that comes by faith in Jesus and all he has accomplished. This grace is behind God's actions in history. He made everything in order to bring the nations together in him. God's heart for the nations can be expressed Monday morning in your neighborhood; you get to be a part of God's redemptive work in history.


"Is God Done with Israel?" - Romans 11:11-27

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Apr 17, 2016

Are God's promises good and trustworthy? Is he faithful? Yes and yes. God's scope of redemptive history will humble us; the salvation we have from him should leave us secure. And humble security in God's promises turns us from takers to givers. We won't have to take what's ours even when our story seems uncertain. God is intimately involved in our lives. Our stories will find a happy resolve.


"God's Remnant, Chosen by Grace" - Romans 10:15-11:10

Speaker: Perry Paulding  Date: Apr 10, 2016

When we understand redemptive history through God's eyes, we understand his magnificent grace all the more. This history takes center stage in Romans 10 and 11. The questions about God's plans for Israel matter to us today, because God has always had a remnant people. The church is a kind of remnant — chosen by grace. Those of us who believe in Christ as Lord and Savior belong to God’s remnant.


"Tell of His Winning" – Romans 10:14-17

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Apr 03, 2016

When it comes to salvation, three things must be spoken: God must call an individual to salvation, the individual must call on God and Christians must speak the gospel message. This last element is a necessary one. God's calling should not make us passive. As Jesus was sent, we, too, are sent.


"Jesus Won for Us Riches" - Romans 10:9-13

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Mar 27, 2016

Easter is a celebration of what Jesus won for us. He won for the world and he won for you. The resurrection of Jesus is the denouement of history. The resurrection changes everything.


"Jesus Doesn't Serve Our #Winning" - Romans 10:4-13

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Mar 20, 2016

Christians can stop trying to win by association (which frees them to associate with every "tribe"), because Jesus didn't come to win for a particular tribe. He came to win hearts from every tribe.


"Jesus Is the End of #Winning" – Romans 10:4-13

Speaker: Perry Paulding  Date: Mar 13, 2016

The simplicity of the gospel offends our pride because it points out the vanity of all of our #winning. Self-sovereignty is a delusion; we are conquered by sin. Jesus is the end of performance-based acceptance before God. And only the saving power of Jesus' death and resurrection can win us back to a life of holiness and happiness.


"Important Questions" - Romans 9

Speaker: Mitch Majeski, Aaron Ritter, Perry Paulding  Date: Mar 06, 2016

If God elects some to be saved, doesn't that mean he also "elects" some for judgment, and how does that bring him glory? If salvation results in a soul who freely chooses God, why would God create creatures that he knew would sin — why not start with a soul who freely chooses God? If we are predestined, why evangelize or try to pursue holiness? And what is at stake in accurately understanding Romans 9?


"His Ways Are Higher" - Romans 9:19-29

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Feb 28, 2016

Christianity satisfies our logic but it also brings us to the limitations of our logic. So, when we wrestle with God's sovereignty and our responsibility, we need to remember that God is bigger than us; that we must not bring him down to make him tidy and manageable. And we must remember that there is real blessing in God's sovereign choice.


"Does God's Grace Make Him Unjust?" - Romans 9:14-18

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Feb 21, 2016

God is most important to God. His righteousness, mercy and freedom are ways he displays his glory and purpose. He is perfectly powerful, perfectly wise and perfectly loving. Therefore, Christians can trust God's justice in election because he is free from outside influence and generous in mercy.


"Children of the Promise" - Romans 9:1-13

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Feb 14, 2016

Who are the children of God? And how does someone become a child of God? Romans 9 answers these questions with thoroughly good news. God gives life to the dead and calls into existence things which did not exist. His disposition toward us has been proven in the cross.


"The Israel within Israel" – Romans 9:4-7, 30-33; 10:1-4

Speaker: Perry Paulding  Date: Feb 07, 2016

Romans 9 is about how God saves souls. The doctrine of election enriches our understanding of the grace God has shown us. By understanding how Christians are the true offspring of Abraham reveals the trustworthiness of God and his Word; it rids us of our toxic self-righteousness.


"An Appropriate Anguish" – Romans 9:1-3

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Jan 31, 2016

A firm commitment to uphold and submit to the reality of God’s sovereign will must not exclude a deep sorrow and anguish for those who, according to his will, are separated from Christ. Both submission to God’s will and care for the world have to be present in the Christian. Too often, one or the other is absent.


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