"The Good News That Is for All the People" - Luke 2:8-14

Speaker: Nathan Hrouda  Date: Dec 27, 2015

Jesus was revealed to and for all people groups, for all nations. The good news of the baby in the manger is the beginning of the redemption of Babel. This is the mission of the church — to be about the business of proclaiming the gospel to all people groups, all nations.


"The Good News That Begins with 'Fear Not'" - Luke 2:8-15, 20

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Dec 20, 2015

The shepherds in Luke 2 were outcasts. They were excluded from much of the social and religious aspects of their culture. But Jesus is a Savior for outcasts. Your hunger for acceptance is satisfied in Jesus — the Jesus who was born, lived and died on the outside so that you could be on the inside.


"An Unexpected, Expected Savior" – Luke 2:10-14

Speaker: Perry Paulding  Date: Dec 13, 2015

Jesus did everything he did as God. He was not 50 percent human, 50 percent God. He was and is 100 percent both. So God himself entered into our mess because of his love for us. Jesus was born, lived and died in poverty for a reason.


"Son of the Most High" - Luke 1:30-33

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Dec 06, 2015

Is the "Christmas spirit" all mist? Or can we lean into it? Is there something real there? The Christ described in Luke chapter 1, verses 30-33 is real, historical and also full of wonder. The beauty and hope of the season are grounded in a real person who is the source of all beauty, hope and awe. Jesus shows that someone is there, outside our own feelings.