"Me, A Super-Conqueror?" – Romans 8:37

Speaker: Perry Paulding   Date: Nov 29, 2015

Extreme victors. Super conquerors. This is the term God inspired Paul to use to describe Christians going through trials, distress and suffering. This victory was won by Jesus' love for you. We must revel in the magnificent love of God. This love is a gift with your name on it.


"Who Shall Separate Us?" – Romans 8:35

Speaker: Mitch Majeski   Date: Nov 22, 2015

Nothing but the love of God will give us hope in our pain. This is not a trite saying. In the midst of tribulation, Christians can remain confident of God's devotion because, in Jesus, God walked through tribulation to express his devotion.


"Who Is to Condemn?" – Romans 8:31-39

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Nov 15, 2015

Christians can live without the burden of condemnation because their savior is also the judge of the highest courtroom in the universe. Even more remarkable is that Christians' sins have been condemned in the flesh of the judge himself.


"Who Shall Bring Any Charge?" – Romans 8:31-39

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Nov 08, 2015

It's a challenge to believe that God is unrivaled. We struggle against declarations of guilt and accusations from Satan, other people and even ourselves. But you've got God. He defines your identity. He makes you clean. He shields you from accusations. He brings you into his family. This is cause for an enduring hope.


"What Shall We Say to These Things?" - Romans 8:31-32

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Nov 01, 2015

In response to the temptations to distrust God, Christians should say, "I will trust God." Because in the gospel, God has proven himself to be supremely powerful and supremely generous.


"All Things...For Glory" – Romans 8:28-30

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Oct 25, 2015

Christians can persevere through all things because God is using all things to bring us to glory as sons — sons who will be like Jesus.


"The Help of the Spirit" – Romans 8:26-27

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Oct 18, 2015

The galaxy-breathing God of the Bible lives inside you. And his Spirit even helps you pray. This help is offered to every believer, and Aaron Ritter helps us understand the when, why and how of the Spirit's interceding power.


"In This Hope We Were Saved" – Romans 8:22-25

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Oct 11, 2015

We all groan. But it matters how we groan; it matters how we suffer. Christians should groan with hope because God has provided a reason for hope. Our very salvation depends on hope.


"There's a New World Comin'" – Romans 8:18-21

Speaker: Perry Paulding  Date: Oct 05, 2015

The creation, fall and redemption of both this earth and humanity are intertwined in a profound way. We want to see creation glorified, but the creation is longing to see our glory. Suffering always precedes glory, and in the new heaven and new earth, glory will be the most valuable commodity.


"Father's Joy" - Romans 8:14-17

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Sep 27, 2015

Aaron Ritter shares his family's adoption story and how God lead them through several disappointments before they were able to bring Abigail home. Her name means "father's joy." And it's in the symbolism of adoption that we see how deep our heavenly Father's love is for us.


"Be Killing Sin or It Will Be Killing You" - Romans 8:12-13

Speaker: Mich Majeski   Date: Sep 20, 2015

God has given us the Spirit so that we can kill our sin. This isn't an insignificant thing. Sin leads to villainy. Sin robs us of our lives. God's warnings against sin are a source of grace, and we heed that warning by putting sin to death.


"If the Spirit dwells in you, then ..." – Romans 8:9-11

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Sep 13, 2015

Living only to please ourselves is like feasting on cotton candy — empty and unsatisfying. But there is good news: Christians can live to please God because of the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit.


"The Mind of the Spirit" – Romans 8:5-8

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Sep 06, 2015

Romans 8 is all about how the Holy Spirit fuels the process of sanctification by applying the truths of salvation inside us. And we must give the mind its proper place in this process. For when the mind is set on the Spirit, it leads to life, peace, transformation and understanding.


"Free from Condemnation, Free to Love" - Romans 8:1-4

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Aug 30, 2015

Where do you feel condemnation? For the Christian, you can live free because you are not condemned. And freedom means living with happy, generous love.