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As disciples of Christ, we have to stay connected to Jesus if we hope to grow in him. One of the primary ways of doing this is soaking our hearts and minds in biblical sermons and teaching.

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The Gravity of Grace

Life Around the Son in Mark's Gospel, May 7 - September 17

Finding meaning in life is tricky because what we find meaningful is what we find lovely. We are what we love. But the problem is that we are torn and confused by competing loves or even wrong loves. This is why we're anxious and uncertain about the meaning of life. In the Gospel of Mark, we feel the weight of Jesus—his authority, grace, beauty. This is who we were made to love. And with Jesus at the center of our universe, we can find a true identity and a lasting purpose to life.

THE GRAVITY OF GRACE: LIFE AROUND THE SON IN MARK'S GOSPEL begins Sunday, May 7. Join us at 10 a.m.

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Latest Sunday Sermons

"The Anointing of Jesus Christ" – Mark 14:1-9

Speaker: Perry Paulding  Date: Sep 17, 2017

Jesus cannot be of moderate significance or value.


"It's the End of the World as We Know It" – Mark 13

Speaker: Travis Swan  Date: Sep 10, 2017

We know this: the King will return and we will live with him forever.


"The High Purpose of the Widow" - Mark 12:41-44

Speaker: Nathan Hrouda  Date: Sep 03, 2017

The tithe is meant to turn our hearts to worship.


"The Great Commandment: Part II" – Mark 12:28-34

Speaker: Aaron Ritter  Date: Aug 27, 2017

Are you in a place to love and to be loved?


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