Don't Waste Your Life

The questions are never far from your mind. In your car. At work. With your family.

“Am I on the right track? Can I stay faithful? Will this be wasted?”

You’re pretty sure you know the answers, but you’re getting tired of convincing yourself. The noise from competing answers is loud. And it’s everywhere. Your friends. Your newsfeed. Your work. Your own inner doubts.

Peter’s second epistle reminds us that we can be happy in Jesus, even when it’s hard. Even when the doubts creep back in. And we can take his word for it. He publicly denied the Christ three times. He knows what it feels like to be overcome by doubt and discouragement.

But he also knows what it’s like to find life and godliness in the grace of Jesus. You can, too.

By trusting the promises of Jesus.
By supplementing your faith in Jesus.
By hoping in the return of Jesus.

You can do this. By trusting, supplementing and hoping, you can live a life that counts, that’s beautiful and appealing, that’s effective, that’s fruitful, that is certain of its destination. You have everything you need and Jesus is coming back.

The dawn is coming. And the light is already shining in your heart.

THE DAWN OF ALL THINGS: LIFE AND GODLINESS IN 2 PETER sermon series begins Sunday, March 19. Join us at 10 a.m.

"The Dawn" - 2 Peter 1:17-19

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Apr 16, 2017

The resurrected Jesus means the dawn has come and we can live in the warmth of his light.


"Behind Every Beautiful Thing" – 2 Peter 1:17-19

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Apr 09, 2017

"Thin" faith leaves us disappointed in the darkness, because we're enlisting God to do what *we* think is best.


"God Has Surely Spoken" – 2 Peter 1:12-21

Speaker: Aaron Ritter   Date: Apr 02, 2017

God has spoken through the Bible so that we can continue to be refreshed in his truths.


"Yours in Increasing Measure" – 2 Peter 1:5-11

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Mar 27, 2017

Live *out* of your acceptance.


"The Promises Have a Purpose" - 2 Peter 1:1-4

Speaker: Mitch Majeski  Date: Mar 19, 2017

The first sermon in our new series on 2 Peter.


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