Abide. Grow. Love.

As disciples of Christ, we have to stay connected to Jesus if we hope to grow in him. One of the primary ways of doing this is soaking our hearts and minds in biblical sermons and teaching.

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Summitview: Past, Present Future

Welcome to the family living room, October 22 - November 26

Transitions are uncomfortable and, at times, hard. But when we gather to remember what we’ve been given, we can better see the way ahead.

This sermon times will essentially function a “family meeting” where we get to process where we’ve been and where, by God’s grace, we’re going. In each of these six messages, we’ll explore different aspects of our vision, structure and direction—with the hope of being refreshed in God’s steadfast love and goodness toward us.

SUMMITVIEW: PAST, PRESENT FUTURE begins Sunday, October 22. Join us at 10 a.m.

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Latest Sunday Sermons

"Blessing Fort Collins"

Speaker: Travis Swan  Date: Nov 19, 2017

Christians are privileged with the task of seeking the good of our cities.


"Multiplying Christ-followers"

Speaker: Nathan Hrouda and John Larsen  Date: Nov 12, 2017

"You are a Christian because somebody cared. Now it's your turn." – Warren Wiersbe


"Loving One Another"

Speaker: John Larsen, Perry Paulding  Date: Nov 05, 2017

If we want to love and be loved, we first need to receive the love God has shown us.


"Delighting In God"

Speaker: Aaron Ritter and Travis Swan  Date: Oct 29, 2017

Our hearts need to understand that God likes us and wants to be with us.


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