Strengthening and Sending

We must be involved in initiating and developing overseas works through the sending of long-term workers and the support/resourcing of existing works. Check out what we’re doing in 2016 to send and support overseas missions work.

Nepali Children’s Home: $36,000

Since 2010, your faithfulness and generosity have fully funded the operation of the Children’s Home in Godawari, Nepal (in the Kathmandu Valley). The believers running this home have provided stability and opportunity in lives of these children, all while sharing the gospel and making disciples. This home is not an orphanage, and the kids are sent there willingly by their parents with the hope that they can escape the sex trade and other hardships in Nepal. Our support for the Children’s Home this year is critical as they look to transition from last year’s earthquakes. So, for our 2016-2017 Missions Fund, supporting the Nepali Children’s Home is our only goal.

Give to the 2016 Missions Fund!

Life at the Nepali Children’s Home

Give to the 2016 Missions Fund!