Nepali Children’s Home (Tier 1): $22,000

Since 2010, your faithfulness and generosity have fully funded the operation of the Children’s Home in Godawari, Nepal (in the Kathmandu Valley). The believers running this home have provided stability and opportunity in lives of these children, all while sharing the gospel and making disciples. This home is not an orphanage, and the kids are sent there willingly by their parents with the hope that they can escape the sex trade and other hardships in Nepal.

This is the second year of our planned phase-out of supporting the Children's Home. With the children growing up and moving out, and with the government of Nepal outlawing any new children's homes, our support for the Home will conclude in 2021. But that doesn't mean our support in the meantime is not important. Children still depend on this home and its leaders to shelter and disciple them, and they are still transitioning from the earthquakes that hit the region a few years ago.

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Long-term Missionaries in Hong Kong (Tiers 1-3): $7,000

Patrick Galligan, Courtney van Evera and Emily Carr have each spent time on short-term missions trips to East Asia and Hong Kong, and this summer they are praying to be able to go to Hong Kong together as long-term missionaries. There are big details left to fall into place, though. Patrick is waiting for acceptance into a graduate program, Courtney is still looking for a job as an English teacher, and Emily and Courtney are still trying to secure housing. Once God provides in these areas, the three will be partnering with the church in Hong Kong that Ching Yu Wang planted several years ago, reaching out to younger generations.

Through this year's Missions Fund, we hope to raise money to cover some of their travel and living expenses, while also providing funds for pastoral coaching trips.

We talked with Patrick, Courtney and Emily about the cultural dynamics at play in Hong Kong and why Hong Kong is a high-impact missions field.

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Long-term Missionaries in Japan (Tiers 1-3): $3,000

Less than 1 percent of Tokyo’s 38 million people are Christian. Suicide is the highest cause of death for men ages 20 to 40. Japan's epidemic of loneliness is compounded by a culture that idolizes work and achievement. There is a dire need for the gospel in Japan, and Summitview has been supporting missions work in Japan in various ways for several years. Becky Keith spent the past year in Japan and is currently raising support to be there longer term. Dusty Lance is also hoping to be in Japan for an initial year beginning in the fall. The funds raised in this year's Missions Fund will help Becky and Dusty cover some of their travel and living expenses.

We talked with Becky about life and ministry in Japan and why she believes the ground there is as ready for gospel seeds as it's ever been.

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Refugee Ministry in Amsterdam (Tiers 2-3): $2,000

When a refugee center opened a mile from the Amsterdam home of Patricia and Matthijs van Engelen, they knew God was calling them to love their new neighbors as themselves. Through Bible studies, meals and other means of grace, the van Engelens are helping Muslim refugees find faith in Jesus.

Patricia (formerly Patricia Flynn) has roots at Summitview and was part of the Summitview team that planted a church in Amsterdam in 2003. After relocating to Amsterdam, she met Matthijs and got married. They started serving at a refugee center in 2016. We talked with them about having a lifestyle of ministry and hospitality and how God is reaching Muslims in Europe.

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Long-term Missionaries in East Asia (Tiers 2-3): $2,000

Andrew and Christine Moore started attending Beggars' Gate Church in Loveland in 2011, and after a year-long stay in East Asia from 2013 to 2014, they spent two years preparing to return on a long-term basis. God had confirmed his call on their lives to love and share the gospel with college students. The Moores have been back in East Asia for about a year-and-a-half.

We talked with Andrew and Christine about their life and ministry and what it's like to share the gospel with someone who's never heard of Jesus before.

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