CSU Dorm Scholarships | $11,000

College is critical. International students and the spiritually hungry are in our backyard. By providing our campus ministries with the proper resources, we can equip disciples who make disciples — here and overseas.

We’re hoping to offer multiple scholarships to help offset the cost of living on campus for gospel-minded students. College expenses are on the rise, and there is not much of a substitute for having gospel-minded believers building relationships and sharing the gospel on dorm floors. The dorms are a mission field and workers are needed there. This is where lives are changed by the gospel and leaders begin to exercise their calling.

Give to the 2017-2018 Missions Fund!

Church Planting Assessment | $6,500

Church planting is an intrinsic part of Summitview's vision and heritage. Summitview started as a small church plant in 1984 and since then has planted churches in Denver, Greeley, Loveland, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, El Paso and even Amsterdam in the Netherlands. For the first time in seven years, we are actively considering our next church plant.

Nathan and Kimberly Hrouda and Mark and Stephanie Saunders are beginning the first phase of the church-planting process. With $6,500 raised through our Missions Fund, we plan to send the Hroudas and the Saunders through a four-day church-planting assessment conducted by Converge. If no major issues surface from this assessment, then we will begin building, recruiting and preparing the rest of the team. The destination of the plant has been narrowed down to two locations. As of April 2017, the timeline for planting would be by late spring/early summer 2018. With your financial support and prayer, you can help make this exciting step of faith come to fruition.

All of the City initiatives in 2017-2018 are Priority 2 items. Meaning, no funding will reach these items until the Priority 1 item ($29,000) gets fully funded.

Give to the 2017-2018 Missions Fund!