SERVE Day 2018

Saturday, July 14

SERVE Day is Saturday, July 14, and churches all over the nation are using this day as an opportunity to share the love of Christ in a tangible way. Locally, Serve 6.8 is helping Summitview and 21 other churches in Fort Collins bring good to our neighbors.

But SERVE Day doesn't have to be a random, do-it-because-we-have-to approach to a serving our city.

What if you could meet the needs of someone you know and care about, someone you’ll see more than just one Saturday of the year?

That’s the opportunity that SERVE Day gives us. By identifying needs within your existing relationships—family, co-workers, classmates, neighbors—you can create deeper, God-glorifying connection throughout the year.

Have an idea for a service project that would bless someone you know? Click the button below to share your ideas with us. There’s a first-come, first-serve pool of money available from Serve 6.8 if there are projects that need extra resources.