Aspiring to a Noble Task

The New Testament reveals a pattern of leadership development that is local in context and emphasizes character as the primary prerequisite.

Taking our cues from that pattern, Summitview has developed an environment where leaders are trained and tested through education, discussion, prayer and "on-the-job" training. Summitview’s "Aspire Community" is for faithful and fruitful leaders in our church body who are openly considering the pastoral calling (1 Timothy 3:1).

The men in this "training community" gather together weekly to discuss leadership, discipleship, and theology, and for encouragement and accountability. The goal is to provide the necessary training, testing and opportunity required to determine if the Holy Spirit is making a man an overseer in the church (Acts 20:28).

As that is confirmed, individual members are presented to the church as pastoral candidates and, barring any dispute, are then officially recognized as pastors/elders/overseers (which we see as a single office with different functions as described in 1 Peter 5:1-15). This understanding of leadership development within the church is aptly described in Alexander Strauch's work, Biblical Eldership.

If you are interested in joining Aspire, email Aaron Ritter at and he will get you started on the application process.