Grow Near to God

To many, “discipline” is a bad word. It means cold, sterile religiosity. It means self-justification and legalism. Sometimes, it just means plain boredom.

It is true that discipline can easily turn into those things. Yet at the same time, discipline, training and self-control are all biblical words (1 Corinthians 9:25-27, 1 Timothy 4:7-8). Spiritual disciplines are those intentional and regular practices, described in Scripture, which God uses to conform our hearts and minds to him (Romans 8:29). If we can pursue these disciplines with the right motivations and with an awareness of possible pitfalls, they actually lead to an energizing freedom that results in a joyful and refreshing nearness to God.

Every month in 2015, we will post resources for a specific spiritual discipline. Check below for information and resources for this month's spiritual discipline.

Blog Post: Embracing Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Discipline for October: Fellowship

We need to be together. The Christian life is not supposed to be lived alone. God wants our fellowship with other believers to be a means of grace, happiness, comfort and encouragement. So, let's share our common faith together (Philemon 6). Consider the challenges below to take meaningful steps to be with other believers:

  1. If you're not on a small group, consider joining one — visit our small group page or visit the small group table in the lobby on Sunday to begin your search
  2. If you are on a small group, invite someone to visit or join your small group — even if they aren't a regular at Summitview
  3. Fill out the journey-of-faith survey (and when you do, you'll be entered for a chance to win books about upcoming spiritual disciplines)

"Disciplined faith is a faith that is likely to survive and lead others to faith." –Alister E. McGrath