God's Word, God's World

Genesis, the Flood and Geology

Recognize Your Place in God’s Story

Is God there? Does he interact with our world? We feel small in a huge universe, and sometimes God feels light years away. We want reassurance that God is active and present in our world, that he is a personable Author engrossed in his story.

In “God’s Word, God’s World,” Pastor John Meyer takes us on a journey through God’s work and activity in our world by examining the geological evidence for Noah’s flood. This class is lecture-intensive, but the payoff comes when you get to explore and examine geological features in person on a local field trip — and in a multi-day excursion to Moab, Utah.

Once we know what to look for and where to look, you’ll see evidence for the flood all around you. Learn to recognize the signs of a global water catastrophe and you’ll never look at the planet’s surface in the same way — or question your place in God’s story. GWGW just finished its spring 2016 class. Future class dates will be posted soon.

God's Word, God's World — Class Features

  • CLASSES: Six lecture-intensive classes that are suitable for adults as well as elementary-age kids 
  • FIELD TRIP: The class will partake in a local field trip that explores the geological features of the Front Range's hogbacks
  • MOAB EXPEDITION: John Meyer will lead the class on a multi-day trip to Moab, Utah
  • COST: $5 for adults, which includes a field journal and a book on the flood; Moab trip is extra
  • QUESTIONS? Contact John Meyer at (970) 690-5006 or johnmeyer@summitview.com


God's Word, God's World — Class Lecture Videos