GoThereFor Resources from Matthias

For the last year, Summitview paid a monthly fee that gave all of our congregation access to GoThereFor, Matthias Media’s online library of Bible study materials, articles and other discipleship resources. However, Matthias has recently changed the subscription plans to GoThereFor. Effective December 2015, a private membership of $9.95 per month is required to access the materials and resources on GoThereFor.

While this is unfortunate, at $9.95 per month, this is still an incredible value for an incredibly valuable resource. 

  • Unlimited access to our full library of ministry resources (valued at over $1800)
  • A licence to download and use any of these resources (printed out or shared digitally) in any group they're personally part of
  • A 15% discount on purchasing physical copies of all Matthias Media resources
  • A digital subscription to Vine Journal, our new three-times-a-year ministry journal
  • An exclusive ebook by Tony Payne, Can we talk about Islam?
  • Seven days to try it all out for free (for new users).

To sign up, click the button below and follow the instructions provided.


Sign up for an individual membership