Feast in 2016

Over the past three years, God has refined our calling as a church. He has called us to be present in our city representing Jesus and to be distinctive in our city following Jesus. It is a beautiful, glorious calling. It is also a difficult calling that will require our best.

To sustain us along the way, we have gospel food. In Christ, God delights in us and works all things together for our good. He has promised to finish what he has started. He has supplied our need. In 2016, our life together will be a feast on that food.

The 2016 AIM booklet is designed to help you do just that. To enjoy the feast, we need to see where we prefer fast food. We all need the Spirit to help us evaluate our hunger, to whet our appetite for the richness of God’s food. Feasting begins with receiving, and this booklet is about giving the Spirit opportunity to cleanse your palate.

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