Who Are You Called to Reach?

As a local church, we want to be and make disciples of Jesus together. To do this, we’re aiming at creating healthy, missional small groups in every sphere of life in Fort Collins.

So, who are you called to reach?

If you’re not sure, let the resources and stories of other small groups inspire you. Then pray about it. Where does God have you and other Summitviewers (Acts 17:24-28)? Where could you find ministry opportunities in the natural flow of life?

Overlap Ideas to Get You Started

If you are looking to form a small group but aren’t sure about a common overlap, we have some ideas for you. Or watch the videos below to see how other small groups found their overlap.

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Stories in the Overlap — Westfield Park Neighborhood Small Group

What’s it like reaching a neighborhood on a small group with large families and members from different churches?

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Stories in the Overlap — Old Town Small Group

When you have a heart for your city, you want to be in, well, the heart of it. See how God is working in Old Town.

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Stories in the Overlap — ISM Small Group

Sometimes, finding an overlap means stepping into a space you haven’t previously spent much time in.

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Everyday Missionaries

Living in the overlap means living life together. Loving like Jesus means pursuing one another as we pursue our overlaps like missionaries.