Life Transformation Group

Confession: We can sometimes get carried away with acronyms. LTG is short for "Life Transformation Group," which is Summitview-eese for what most people would call an "accountability group."

But our LTGs are not totally like regular accountability groups. Where accountability groups can tend toward legalism and action-oriented confessions, LTGs will offer more than confession and brow-beating. In our LTGs, our goal is to hit the motivation level for what we do, not just correct behavior. We want participants to ask questions at the heart level and then pursue how the gospel addresses those motivations.

LTGs give friends/small group members a chance to spur one another on to love Jesus, to love like Jesus and to live for Jesus. Download the LTG guide below to learn more about the structure/purpose of LTGs, and be praying about who you can meet with on a regular basis. Blessings!

LTG Document (PDF)

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