The Vision

The teen-raising years are unique in their challenges, their opportunities and their joys. Over these years, sons and daughters transition from simply children in the home to young men and women with their own identity, convictions and direction in life. For parents it is a season of change, of imparting values as well as character, and, most important of all, it is a time to disciple children as they develop their own foundations for a life of knowing and serving Jesus Christ. At Summitview, we call this season of life Mpact. Our goal is to help parents and teens experience God's purposes in every aspect of this season of life, including passing faith to the next generation.

Growing True Community

Within Mpact there are Discipleship Teams for parents and their families that meet for fellowship, study, and encouragement. Twice a month, there is also the large group gathering where parents, high schoolers and middle schoolers come together for teaching, worship, prayer and fellowship. You can check out our calendar for the next meeting.

Parents in Mpact are encouraged to fulfill the Great Commission by making God-honoring, gospel-focused disciples in their teenage children. The hope is that these teens live and grow as fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ when they leave home.


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