You Are the Catalyst

Life with kids is crazy and wonderful. And we know that the pace of life can vary from season to season. That’s why we’re changing up the Catalyst rotation format, to give you a more streamlined way to disciple and engage in the lives of our children. Here’s the plan:

1. SIGN UP // The next rotation is for nursery through pre-school classes and runs June through August. Sign up by clicking the blue button below.

2. FIND YOUR FLOW // With three rotations each year, your service in Catalyst will align more closely with the natural flow of life.

3. MAKE A DEEPER CONNECTION // Serving for one month at a time in each rotation will empower teachers/helpers to build consistency and deeper relationships with their kids.

Catalyst Rotation Sign-ups, June-August 2017

Your Backyard Is a Place of Hope

Your backyard is a place of hope. And when you reserve a week of your summer to either host or help with a Backyard Kids Club (BKC), you’re sharing the gospel and building relationships with your neighbors. This is the very definition of what it means to be present and distinct for Jesus’s sake. BKC is the combination of loving God and loving neighbor at the same time. This is BKC. You can do this. Here’s how:

1. Save the date! // BKC is June 19-23

2. Invite your neighbors and friends! // Sooner the better—and start praying together as a family for God to do amazing things through BKC.

3. Sign up! // For more about BKC and to sign up, email Aaron Ritter at

Sunday Mornings

Our goal is to provide a safe, engaging, and fun environment where kids connect with the truths of God and His Word. If you're a guest, please stop by the Guests Services table in the lobby – we'll answer your questions and register your child for their classroom. If you're a Summitview regular, head over to the Registration table and we'll get your children checked in to the appropriate classroom.

What's Next

God gives the primary responsibility for the spiritual upbringing of children to the parents (Deuteronomy 6:1-7, Psalm 78:4). Tall order? No doubt. But that’s why God calls His people to be in community, because we can’t do it on our own. Click the button below to find a small group. You’ll grow in your love for Christ and receive the support, encouragement and resources necessary for the parenting journey.

Find a Small Group!