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When the Fog Rolls In


We spent a few days of our summer vacation at a rental house on the beach. It was built right on the edge of cliff and had a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean…when there was sunshine. Our first morning there, the fog rolled in early and was still with us at dinnertime. I always find fog a bit disconcerting but it feels even more so when your house overlooks a 30-foot drop off.

It wasn’t quite the sunny August day we had hoped for but it was lovely, nonetheless. After days and weeks of 90-degree weather, the coolness was welcome. We wrapped up in blankets, drank coffee and tea, read books, worked a puzzle, watched a movie. We even bundled up and braved the beach. We couldn’t experience the full majesty of the ocean as we could only see it right where it met the shore. But the surf still roared and the salt smell still wafted over us and the glory of God was in it all.

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We All Need Someone Like Sam Gamgee


“Which literary character are you most like?”

I still remember fondly the evening a group of friends and I worked our way through that question. While the memory is a bit hazy, I know there was a lot of laughter, that multiple Lord of the Rings characters were discussed, and that we all agreed that my husband, Mark, was Sam Gamgee.

Sam is the loyal friend who journeys with Frodo in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was first introduced to Sam and Frodo in high school when the director of the library where I worked (yes, the book geek in me runs deep) handed me The Hobbit and told me to read it and follow it up with the trilogy.

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