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Something Corporate: Suggestions for CSU's New Stadium Name


When interviewed in 1996 about the building of Hughes Stadium on Bureau of Reclamation land near Horsetooth Reservoir, changing the then 30-year plan to build it just south of Moby Arena, former Colorado State University president William Morgan said, "A football stadium is only used six times a year, and that was just a waste of space on the growing campus."

This argument — and it is a very valid point — supports the vehement opposition to spending huge amounts of money for an on-campus stadium. However, this would also be a counterpoint for those worried about crowds and parking: It’s only six days a year. That leaves 359 days to thoroughly enjoy the Choice City.

To add to the controversy, there is now talk of the university selling the stadium’s naming rights to a corporate sponsor. I am a little afraid to even use the “c” word in this choicest of all cities. It is a bad word around here, and the irony is not lost that the city known co-ops and hyper-local would have a corporate sponsor for the home of its treasured Rammies. I, for one, am excited about the stadium (an alumnus that lives about five miles from campus) and am excited to visit campus for games. They may have to win me over, though, on this sponsor-named stadium idea. There may be some options that I, as a long-time resident of Fort Collins, could get behind or at least tolerate. So I have devised a few sponsors and naming suggestions to help out my alma mater:

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No Small Thing: Finding Community and Mission in a Changing World


"The church that figures out how to bring old and young together at the table, Christian and non-Christian together in backyards, and the mature and the just-starting-out together in friendship will become a light to many in their community.

"Naturally, the churches or groups of churches that figure out how to do this well for hundreds, and even for thousands or tens of thousands, will be able to see communities and regions transformed." — Carey Nieuwhof, pastor and church strategist in Toronto, Canada

The cultural changes of the last 20 years are necessitating an adjustment in the Church’s approach to its mission. Throughout the West, thinkers like Pastor Nieuwhof are beginning to see that, if we respond wisely, there is actually a tremendous opportunity in the midst of these changes.

To take advantage of that opportunity, one of our aims as a local church is develop healthy, mission-minded small groups in every sphere of life in Fort Collins. Throughout August, we will be encouraging members of Summitview to prayerfully brainstorm who they might be called to reach and how they might join with others in small groups to do so.

Here are a few ideas to get the conversation started.

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You Gotta Fight for Your Rights, Right?


We live in a world that is confronted daily with the issue of “rights” — human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, animal rights, water rights, Miranda rights, workers’ rights and rights of the unborn. What is the biblical perspective concerning rights, and how should that inform how Christians think and live?

For the Christian, the biblical emphasis throughout both Old and New Testaments is not on our rights but on our responsibilities to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. In God's original design of creation, Adam and Eve were not given any explicit "rights" but were instead given explicit responsibilities to procreate and to steward the earth. God provided everything they needed for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, however, they forfeited all of that through their sin at the Fall.

The Apostle Paul did not consider even his own life to be of any account dear to himself, in light of the surpassing obligation of accomplishing God's will (Acts 20:24). Paul acknowledged that he had the right to earn his living as a minister of the gospel but voluntarily yielded that right for the greater good of the gospel. Likewise, the gospel grants us the right to "live as people who are free" (1 Peter 2:16) but goes on to instruct us to use that freedom as servants of God. And when we are wronged by fellow believers, Paul says that it is better to be defrauded than to compromise our Christian testimony by bringing lawsuits against one another (1 Corinthians 6:1-8).

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2015 Missions Fund: Eight Summitviewers and Two Weeks in East Asia


Early last week, eight Summitviewers left on a two-week mission trip to East Asia. The trip is as varied as it is quick.

They began with a three-day English camp using Bible stories as the context for their lessons and conversations. Approximately 40 students were at this camp, and it was thought that most of the students were not Christians.

From there, the group divided into multiple units in order to visit partner churches across the region. They will be working with these churches to start campus ministries and to explore the possibility of long-term partnerships.

Due to the fluid nature of the trip, a lot of details were still being worked out as the group left last week. “There’s a lot of uncertainty still,” one of the group members relayed to me. “But that’s where God comes through.”

Because of your generosity this spring, you helped make this trip possible. Because of your generosity, connections and being made and the gospel is being proclaimed. Thank you — your faith and intentionality matter in an eternal way. For more details about the Exchange segment of Summitview's Mission Fund, visit

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Prayer and Justice in the Midst of Planned Parenthood's Bloody Business


Yesterday, the Center for Medical Progress released a sting video of Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, discussing the way Planned Parenthood goes about the dismemberment and sale of fetal organs and body parts.

This discussion did not happen in the back hallways of a Planned Parenthood clinic. No, it happened over a lunch of wine and salad at an upscale restaurant in broad daylight.

It’s gruesome talk. In order to get some of the most highly desired “tissues” out in tact, Nucatola essentially admitted to performing partial-birth abortions, which are banned by federal law. The selling of fetal tissue is also illegal. Many others have already opined on the nature of this story, the nature of our response as Christians, and I have linked to a handful of worthwhile reads below.

Here is the original video produced by the Center for Medical Progress, as well as the nearly three-hour uncut footage. Due to the graphic nature of the videos, please exercise discretion.

In our rush to call our state and national representatives and to post the video on our Facebook feeds — all of which we should do — we must not forget that the person most offended, pained and disgusted by these revelations is God himself. He knew of Planned Parenthood’s actions long before the Center for Medical Progress. He is still Father, Creator and Sustainer.

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