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Answering Our Deepest Questions: An Introduction to Romans



I am eager to preach the gospel to you [brothers] also who are in Rome. — Paul, Romans 1:15

…[Romans] is in itself a bright light, almost bright enough to illuminate the entire Scripture. — Martin Luther, on the book of Romans

Recently, a dear young woman asked me a simple question. “How do I prepare myself to be a good wife? What parts of the bible should I study? What things should I do?” The questions were a perfect illustration of one of the subtlest struggles we encounter as Christians. Her desire was noble but her aim was too small

Her inquiry provides a great picture of the perils of living by faith. What does that mean anyway? Does it mean that we try to discern God’s prescriptions (to be a good wife, to succeed, to find peace, etc.) and then, trusting his wisdom, apply them to our lives? Is it something more mystical? 

In Romans 1:15, Paul gives us a tremendous clue. He was eager to preach the gospel to the church in Rome — to people who had already trusted the gospel. If the Romans had believed the good news, why was Paul eager to preach it to them again?

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Digital Interval for the Week of August 24: "Love Like Jesus"


When it comes to love, there is no person the world is more fascinated by than Jesus Christ, who hung on a cross for those he came to save. And it’s the centrality of his love that’s behind our rebooted small groups, our name "change" and our new slogan, “Love like Jesus.”

We hope this week’s Digital Interval gets you excited about the work God is doing in our church and in this city.

And here is the video that Pastor Mitch references at the beginning of the clip:

Church Partners in East Asia Arrested


The elder and another member of one of Summitview’s partner churches in East Asia have been arrested on charges of illegally printing and distributing Christian material.

The member is the wife of the host family that many of our East Asia team members lived with during this past spring and summer. The team returned home in early August.

The arrests took place on June 26, and the initial hope was that the elder and the member would be released from jail July 30. But that date has come and gone, and their situation remains the same.

Summitview’s Benevolence ministry is donating $1,000 to help with the legal fees, and Ching Yu Wang has been in contact with the arrested member’s husband. Ching Yu offered the following ways you can pray for our friends as they deal with this difficult trial:

  1. For the quick release of the elder and the other member
  2. That the Lord would comfort them while they are in jail and that he would accomplish his purpose through these circumstances
  3. That their church would remain strong in the grace of the Lord
  4. For the authorities to come to love God, to love the people they serve and to do good for their country

With everything appearing to fall apart all over the globe — Iraq, Gaza, the Ebola outbreak, Ferguson, and now our friends’ persecution for their faith — it can be easy to lose hope and feel overwhelmed. Don’t stop praying. But don’t stop drawing a line connecting all of these events, either: All of creation is groaning for rescue and redemption. We must continue to hold fast to the promise we have from Jesus that he will make all things new.

Even when time passes and the jail doors don’t open.

There and Back Again: How to Welcome Missionaries when They Return Home


How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” (Romans 10:14-15)


There have been some beautiful feet coming back to Fort Collins, as outreach teams Summitview sent out to East Asia and Austin, Texas, have returned in recent weeks.

It’s easy to get excited about sending teams to new places, but we can forget to be just as excited for them when they return home. Being a church community that is cognizant of the challenges facing returning ambassadors helps unify both the senders and the send-ees. Here are three ways that you can be an encouraging and helpful presence in the sending and receiving of those sent out to share the gospel.

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The Small Group Reboot: Finding Mission and Unity in Apartment Living


Last October, Lee Vary and James Cox left their respective small groups to create a small group focused on the Seasons apartment complex where James and his wife, Jessica, live. A handful of other Summitviewers also joined their group. Now, nearly a year later, they have formed solid relationships and have hope for what God is doing at the Seasons.

Why the Seasons apartments?

James Cox: That’s where I live. Once we picked our neighborhood, I went to the managers and asked if they needed any help. They said they were having a difficult time getting neighbors to meet each other and attend community-sponsored events. We were given the keys to the community center and told as long as the events we did were for the community, we could use it as often as we liked.

Lee Vary: I, along with several other members of our small group, live close by, so it made sense. As James and I were talking about what we wanted to see on our old small group, we discovered that we didn’t really have any sort of overlap. There were several people on our team that lived in close proximity to each other, and it seemed that the best way to create overlap was to just pick a neighborhood and focus on it. So we chose the Cox’s (Coxen’s?).

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