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Five Words That Can Change the World: A Call to Neighboring


"Could I ask you a question?"

A question like this can be unnerving. It comes to us with a sense of significance. No one seeks permission to ask a question unless the question has some heft.

My neighbor, a high-ranking administrator at Colorado State University, asked me that question recently. It was the morning of our last snowstorm. He was on his way to work and I was shoveling the driveway of another neighbor.

The context is significant. My neighbor and I have differences of opinion on a variety of matters. We don't see the world the same way (at least I thought), and shoveling his and other driveways in my neighborhood has built a bridge across those differences. After years of service, my neighbor knows that I care for him and that makes him feel safe. He still felt the need to get my permission for his hefty question. But he wanted my opinion. Actually, I think he wanted my help – on matters of eternal significance.

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Rockers Head to Oklahoma City to Help with Relief Efforts


On May 20, a massive storm produced a tornado that decimated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore. Twenty-four people died, whole subdivisions were leveled and two elementary schools were destroyed. The tornado was on the ground for nearly an hour, grew to more than a mile wide and carved a path nearly 17 miles long.

This morning, a handful of Summitviewers from the Rock, our college ministry, headed east to help with the relief efforts in Oklahoma City. The Rockers are joined by four people from Antioch Church here in Fort Collins. They will be working with Antioch Church in Norman, Okla., providing relief work and meeting with and comforting those who were impacted by this storm.

Please keep this team in your prayers. They will be in the Oklahoma City area now through Saturday and will return home on Sunday.

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Graduation and Everything After: Facing the Future with a God who Speaks for You


This weekend, I will officially be finished with high school. Over the past few months, the idea of being out of high school has been surreal, distant. And it still is. I'm afraid to turn my life upside down with all this unknown; I so much just want to pretend I'm not there yet. 

Since early last fall, more and more as the school year comes to a close, my conversations with friends have become fixed on plans for graduation, college and other life-changing decisions. It seems every one of my peers has spent more time thinking about college than I have, and sometimes that can be a little nerve-racking.

As long as I can remember I've preferred to live in the moment and put off decisions as long as possible. True to form, all year I've put off thinking much about graduation or college. I'm taking a gap year, so in some ways I don't need to think about college yet. But the truth is, I need to make some decisions, and my life is changing.

Today I was thinking about one of my favorite verses and was really comforted by it:

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The Fail-proof, Guaranteed, No-doubt-about-it Secret to Making Decisions and Understanding God’s Will


I love God. He is so good and patient. He has recently brought me back to Matthew 6:33. You all probably know this verse; it says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Jesus says it in the context of telling his disciples not to worry about clothes or food or tomorrow, that God is a good provider who knows our needs and will take care of us as we seek him first.

It’s a really good verse in terms of decision-making. Another book I have been reading is Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will by Kevin DeYoung (thanks, Mitch!). DeYoung’s book essentially boils down our decisions to just this: Don’t worry and seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first.

My tendency is to complicate things. There are so many things to do and pressures and demands for time. Where do I invest? God is so good to simply remind me once again of the basics.

What if in every decision I made, I applied this principal to not worry and to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first? What pleases God? What advances his cause on this planet? What honors him and puts him on display?

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An Unexpected Phone Call and Answers to Un-prayed Prayers


My wife and I live just north of Trilby Road, between College and Shields. A couple times a week, I go for a prayer walk in the morning. My usual route takes me west on Trilby to the edge of the Colina Mariposa Natural Area then back to my house.

Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly and the Natural Area is a rolling short-grass prairie that descends with Trilby toward Shields and runs south until it hits Long View Farm Open Space. From my vantage point at the top of the hill, the prairie blends into the rooftops of the Registry Ridge subdivision at the southwest corner of Shields and Trilby, then back up into the ascending layers of hogbacks, culminating in a sweeping panorama of the Front Range.

The view reminds me that God is bigger than all my burdens and bigger than those hogbacks and mountains. But my turn-around point at the top of Mariposa also reminds me to pray for a friend and ex co-worker who lives in Registry Ridge.

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