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Throwback Thursdays: The Series on Acts Was Really Long, So Here's a Message and a Song to Help You Relive It


Five years ago, Summitview was in the midst of a Sunday morning teaching series on the book of Acts, entitled “The Roots of Our Faith.”

Now, Acts is a pretty long book. And thus, so was the series. It was a great series, and it was a unique and encouraging time for us to look back at the origins of the Christian church. In some ways, it was a pivotal series in the life of Summitview.

The message portion of today’s “Throwback” is a pivotal teaching in the middle of that series. In the message, “Hope for All Nations,” Mitch takes us through Acts 10, which is where we see the church start to move out from Palestine and into the world. It’s a great message, filled with great stuff about the hope Christ brings to all of the world and how the church plays such a significant role in that.

But it’s not quite as great as the song Travis Swan and Ryan Blume wrote about the entire book of Acts. (No offense, Mitch.) Here, in just under seven minutes, you get all of Acts delivered with instructive theological insight, deft comedic timing and moving vocal performances. It will put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and the Word of God in your heart.

Which, technically speaking, so will Mitch’s message, but come on: Ryan Blume singing! How neat is that? It’s pretty neat.

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Praying for the Rock: A New Semester, New Ways to Trust God


I realize the real world isn’t separated nicely into two semesters with weeks- or months-long breaks between each one, but as that’s how anyone involved in the college world thinks, I’m writing from the standpoint of life just getting rolling once again. Spring semester is in the air and with it comes a flurry of Rock activities. We are really dependent on God and would love your prayers as we move into what we are trusting Him for this semester.

The Christmas break offered a great opportunity for the Rock team leaders to seek God together and brainstorm what He might want us to walk into this spring. From this time together, God really seemed to be leading in a united heart to have as our goal this semester (really, a goal we would love for the rest of our lives) a desire to know Him deeper and to learn to walk in the identities He’s given us.  

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Winning the Worship War


I began my immersion in church music as soon as I could stand at a microphone. My earliest memories consist of a microphone and seas of faces. The picture above is one such moment with my parents and sister. Since the time this picture was taken in 1982, I’ve participated in everything from traditional organ-led hymns, campfire choruses led by acoustic guitar, a massive choir singing Handel’s Messiah, to screaming rock bands pushing the envelope of “edgy.” Along the way, I’ve experienced some interesting debates and controversies about the role of music in church.

The controversy is nothing new. It has raged for centuries. Early “worship wars” weren’t that dissimilar to what we experience today. For instance, Martin Luther wrote hymns of personal experience with God back in the 1520’s, something John Calvin later criticized, saying these hymns were shallow, uninspired, and unfamiliar to the congregation. He instead pushed for only Psalms to be sung, without instrumentation. A little later the American church decided European hymns were too hard to sing congregationally and set the hymns to simple tunes, each note only one note away from each other. 

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We Have a Library?! Updates to the Place Where We Keep Books and Such


Back before iTunes and electronic books revolutionized how we think about media storage, there were libraries. Well, actually, there are still libraries – they haven’t died off quite yet.

Which is why we’re revamping our library system here at Summitview. 

You know, the room in the children’s wing with all the books?

For a while, the library has been in a state of general maintenance and upkeep. We’ve taken in almost any donation you’ve been willing to give us. The result is we have both book and video libraries that are overfull with titles that have never been checked out, would not be recommended by any staff member or ministry leader, are in an out-of-date format (i.e. VHS), are duplicate copies, or aren’t relevant (out-of-date, better resources on the topic, etc.).

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Benevolence Ministry and Care Groups at Summitview

Editor’s note: This post is written by Travis Neidert, one of Summitview’s Benevolence deacons. Travis, Dale Lindholm and Tony Edridge help the Summitview body meet the physical and situational needs of those within our church family and in the greater Fort Collins community. With the capabilities of inFellowship, they hope to increase the involvement of Summitviewers in the Benevolence “Care Groups,” which will help the deacons better meet the needs they are presented. In this post, Mr. Neidert follows up their special announcement during yesterday's service with a more-detailed introduction of the Care Groups, the mission of the Benevolence ministry, and how you can get involved.

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. (Matthew 25:35-36)


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10)


The Benevolence ministry at Summtiview began a little more than two years ago. In that time we have helped 72 individuals and families with various financial and physical needs. Because we operate primarily behind the scenes, most church members are unaware of the impact they are making in the lives of men, women and children within our church family, as well as those from the greater Fort Collins community. 
The stories are many. Furniture has been moved to new homes. Transportation needs have been met. Dinners have been delivered to families without the time or money for a home-cooked meal. Several people have been coached through some difficult financial and career decisions. 
As a deacon involved with this ministry, it is has been amazing and humbling to see how members of this church have stepped up to help so many people, in most cases complete strangers. The deacons have the unique privilege of making the initial arrangements, then letting go while others faithfully meet the need.
One of goals for this ministry is that it be an “all in” effort. God’s commands to serve others are not given to those from a particular season of life or to those with nothing better to do. He calls every Christian to “look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” We try to maintain a list of people who can help serve in seven different “Care Groups”: 
  • Childcare
  • Jobs and financial coaching
  • Meal delivery
  • Miscellaneous care
  • Spare bedroom
  • Transportation and ride sharing
  • Weekday tasks
We are asking every family and individual member of Summitview to consider joining one of these Care Groups. This is not intended to be a significant time commitment. Each family will be called once per year to serve in a time of need. People from all walks of life ask us for help, and we need people from all walks of life to be available. 
You can sign up for up to two Care Groups by clicking here. An inFellowship profile is required. If you don’t have an inFellowship profile, you can create one at the point of signing up for a Care Group, or you can go to the inFellowship login page, as well. If you have any questions about joining a Care Group, email me at

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