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Extra! Extra! Uttam's Family and Church Receive Positive Press in Australia

Look who made the papers! Our Nepali brother Uttam and his family were featured in an article in their local newspaper. This is an encouraging look into their life in Australia. The entire clip is below.

Single Mothers Find Shelter, and Clothes for their Kids, at Summitview's FFH Rotation

Editor’s note: Summitview partners with a handful of churches in Fort Collins as a host site for Faith Family Hospitality. For three weeks out of the year, we host four homeless families in our building, providing them with meals and a safe place to sleep. Our most recent rotation was July 22-28. One of our members, Melissa Kraus, helped out with the rotation and wrote the following account of her time with the FFH families.

By Melissa Kraus

July 22-28 marked Summitview’s second week this year of hosting homeless families as part of the Faith Family Hospitality (FFH) program. Four families stayed at our church that week, all led by single parents. We gave them room and board each for the whole week.

I had offered to help the evening of Friday, July 27. I mentor an 8 year-old girl from our church, Delaney, and thought that this would be a great opportunity to introduce her to an important part of the Christian life: serving others.

Our job was to help with the dinner cleanup. As Delaney and I arrived at Summitview, the D-Team I was serving with had already cooked a nice meal and was waiting for the families to come into the Gathering Place to eat. I noticed that as the families came in for dinner, two of the families seemed very comfortable with the FFH system and were chatting amongst themselves.

But there were two other families led by single women who seemed to keep to themselves a little more. After everyone had been served their meal, Delaney and I grabbed our dinner and sat at the same table as one of the women. The other mother was sitting at the table next to us. I introduced myself to both of them. They were fairly new to FFH, having only been in the program for less than two weeks. As I talked with them, I discovered that both of these women had fled tough situations at home with their children in tow. They were both from other states.

Guessing that there may be some unmet needs, I asked if they had enough clothing for their children. One of the mothers had explained that because of the situation she had been in, she had to flee from her home with only two outfits per child. She had many children with her and was pregnant with one more. The other gal had two children. I took down a list of their clothing needs.

My mother works at the Vineyard Church in their Resource Center, which provides clothing, toiletries, and food to the needy in our community. Early the next week, my mom and I gathered as many items as we could from the Resource Center. We were able to find multiple outfits for every child on the list as well as winter coats. A few days later, I delivered the items to the families at the next church in the FFH rotation where they were staying. The mothers were overwhelmed with gratitude, and their children were excited to have new clothes. 

While this was my second time helping out with the FFH program, this was my first time interacting with the families. Seeing first hand the struggles these families were facing, I had a wonderful first impression of FFH and the true needs that were being met through this program. I am really excited to help out the next time Summitview hosts families for FFH. Perhaps I will be able to connect with the same women, or perhaps there will be new families to love.

Look Who Pastor Mitch Got to Interview

Our very own Mitch Majeski had the opportunity to sit down with John Piper (!) and ask him questions about life and ministry. WaterBrook Multnomah took their conversation and broke it down into nine video segments. A new video will be released online every Tuesday, beginning today, through October 23. We'll post the new videos here, but you can also subscribe to WaterBrook Multnomah's YouTube or Vimeo channels to see the videos, as well. You can read more about the heart behind the video series at

In the first video, titled "Is 'Balance' Biblical?", John answers the question, "Is there such a thing as balance in the Christian life?" Here you go:

A Preview of the 1 John Series

According to the late 20th Century British preacher Martyn Lloyd Jones, the theme of the letter of 1 John is summarized in this sentence:

"We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one." (1 John 5:19)

On the surface it is a simple statement: "We are God's and the world is the devil's." But layered within that statement is a significant assumption and a life-orienting implication.

John assumes that it is possible to know that "we are from God" and his letter reveals the distinguishing marks of a true disciple of Jesus. God's children are marked by the presence of selfless love for God and neighbor. This love from God casts out fear and mortally wounds sin. God's children have their fearful and sinful motives for living replaced with loving and holy ones. They are different. And, because they are different, they always swim upstream against a world that is afraid and selfish.

We live in tumultuous times with many voices telling us how to survive. It is easy to be self-protective. It is easy to be afraid. It is easy to have our decisions motivated by these emotions. God calls His people to a different life. They courageously love because God first loved them. The Apostle John's letter was written to strengthen God's children to continue in this new continue swimming upstream. This fall we will seek that strength together by carefully considering the book of 1st John in "Love, Sin and The Children of God."

Grace and peace,
Mitch Majeski
Pastor, Summitview Community Church

Setting Out To Change An Evil World - M.L. Jones

According to the Bible the whole mind and outlook of the world is opposed to God; it is under the dominion of Satan and in the grip of the wicked one. Christian men and women must realise that they are living in a world like that; that because it is a world that is opposed to God, it will be doing everything it can to drag them down. It will try to fill their minds here with things that will try to satisfy them and thereby keep them from God and Christ. It is a world in which Christians have to fight for their souls; it is easier to go down than to keep straight. 'We are of God, and the whole world lieth in the wicked one.'But we see that the Apostle avoids certain errors as he goes on to tell us how we must relate ourselves to that. He does not tell us to start by trying to reform and improve the world. That is of course the tragedy, that so often the Church has imagined that that is her function. That has been the great trouble during the past years, since about the middle of the Victorian period when the Church became a kind of institution; when the line between the Church and the world became so vague as to be almost non-existent, and people talked about 'Christianising' society. There is nothing of that in the New Testament.

On the other hand we are not to turn our backs upon the world in the sense that we are to go right out of it. We are not told to become hermits or anchorites. That also has been an error, and it is very interesting, as you take the long story of the Christian Church from the beginning until today, to find how constantly those two extremes have been very prevalent. There have been those who have set out as Christian social reformers, and then there were those who said that was wrong and that the only thing was to go right out of it.  That is the basis of monasticism, and the tendency is perhaps to revive that in certain forms. 

But the teaching of this letter [1 John], as indeed the teaching of the whole New Testament, avoids both these errors and extremes; it is not a programme of world improvement, nor is it a programme of world renunciation. No, it gives us a picture of this kind of position in which we find ourselves, with this opposing spiritual force, this spiritual power that is represented by the world. Our fight is with that, and we are taught in this epistle that we can conquer it, we can rise above it, and we can defeat it, in spite of everything that is so true of it. In spite of the dangers that beset us on all sides, we can triumph and prevail; we can be 'more than conquerors'. And that is summed up very perfectly in this verse which we are now considering.

Martyn Lloyd Jones, commenting on 1 John 5:19

What I find stimulating about Jones' commentary is the constant presence of this debate to change the world or leave it. To hold a true course through the unbiblical extremes we must be intensely biblical people and we must begin with a fear of the Lord (Proverbs 9:10) - with a sound sense of a holy God who came into a wicked world to deliver His people (Colossians 1:13).

Additional Resources

To Change The World - James Davidson Hunter
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