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No One Knows How It’s Going, So Let’s Ask Better Questions


Asking thoughtful questions is a lost art in an opinion-saturated world.

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On the Search for Dignity at the End of Life


Physician aid in dying is now legal in Colorado, but this isn’t the only way to die with dignity.

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Esther: A New Series about Providence, Power and Peace


Here we are in another election year. We sense the polarization and change this country is undergoing and are often gripped with fear, helplessness and hopelessness. We wonder: Where are we as a country going? Will this end well for us?

We have our own local issues, as well, such as single-payer healthcare, working wages and assisting the terminally ill. How do you step thoughtfully into the political arena? How do you engage in any of these issues with confidence, clarity and conviction? What if “my” side doesn’t win? Can you just stick your head in the sand and hope it all goes away?

Thankfully, the Bible has spoken.

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Current Events: Staying Afloat and Informed in a Media-saturated World


The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
and saves the crushed in spirit.
(Psalm 34:18)

As a Christian, I have felt pressure to stay current on world events, social justice issues, hot topics in politics and culture and every Facebook rabbit trail set before me. To stay connected and relevant in conversations with the people I interact with on a daily basis, I need to stay current on, well, everything, right?

Here's the truth, though: I can't. Many people can, but I cannot. It’s not simply that I don’t have the time to keep up with everything; my heart just can't take it. I have learned the hard way that I must be picky and selective with what I read and view. As a child, I couldn't watch any movie where an animal died. My mom always had a “happy” movie to follow any accidental viewing of animal tragedy. On personality tests, I'm tagged as a “highly sensitive person” (HSP). I constantly internalize emotions, non-verbals and moods from the people around me.

When I place myself in the flow of our uber-saturated, media-crazed world — articles, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, magazines, hit movies, documentaries and best-sellers — I find myself drowning. I am an emotional sponge. If I don't cut off the deluge, I lose hope, struggle in faith and allow the world to define my outlook.

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When the City of Light Went Dark


Sometime around 4:15 p.m. Friday night, the first mention of an attack in Paris showed up on my Twitter feed. I didn’t pay much attention to it — callously, I might add. But when I saw the Vine from the football match in the Stade de France, I was awakened to the dark horror of the night.

It was a long night. Not even the Eiffel Tower could bare to keep the lights on.

The next morning I went to watch two of my cousins play in the quarterfinals of the 8-man football playoffs. The visiting team’s colors were red, white and blue. Behind their cheering section, running the full length of the field, were nearly a dozen French flags. I don’t know if the team normally travels with such standards or if they flew them as a sign of solidarity. Still, even while watching an 8-man football game in Greeley, Colo., there was no forgetting Paris.

And so it’s been for most of us. The atrocities from last Friday have dominated the news cycle, our social media feeds — even the opening remarks in Pastor Mitch’s sermon.

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