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How Lent Guides Us on the Journey to Calvary


The best traditions bring us closer to God and one another.

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The Jesse Tree: A Tradition Weighty in Redemptive History, Light on Stress


I have wonderful memories of Christmas growing up — baking, putting up the tree, caroling in our neighborhood, attending candlelight services. Christmas was a season of wonder graced by lights and family, traditions, songs and those much anticipated gifts under the tree.

But the magic of Christmas really came alive for me when my little girl was old enough to ooh and aah at the lights of our Christmas tree, when she realized that those presents were for her and there was something delightful inside of them, when she wanted me to sing her "Jingle Bells" every night at bedtime.

However, at the same time that my girl was discovering the wonder of Christmas, I was discovering just how stressful it could be. All those things that my mom had done to make Christmas special when I grew up actually took a lot of time and planning. I began to realize that Christmas can be a whole lot of work — so much work that I could feel myself losing the joy of the season to a to-do list.

Over time, I’ve determined that the family traditions I want most are those which add to the joy of Christmas while not adding much to my to-do list. For our family, one of the best traditions we have shared together is that of a Jesse Tree.

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