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What Technology Is Doing to Our Relationships


We're lonely because we'd rather be looking at a screen than at each other.

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I, Phone: Love and Addiction in the Age of Distraction


Our smartphones are doing something to us.

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iMemorize: Muscle Memory and the Problem of Verse Memorization


I was once talking with a friend who was in the middle of his police academy training. He was explaining some training techniques and the process it takes to get a firearm issued. I learned that there is significant training just to get the gun out of the holster. If a cop gets in a confrontation with a bad guy, he does not want said bad guy to get his gun. Therefore, the process of drawing the weapon is made intentionally complex by the design of the holster. Apparently, the officer must flip a snap, hold a lever and perform a couple other motions in quick succession to get the gun free. 

The problem is that adrenaline can seriously impair a person’s motor skills. As my friend said, “In extreme situations, you couldn’t even pick up a pen from a table. Your fingers just won’t work.” That’s why police cadets have to repetitively practice pulling their guns to gain the muscle memory. The motions have to be ingrained into a base level of skills. Only after 500-600 draws can an officer be confident that he can get the weapon out in 1.5 seconds under stress. 

The day after talking with him, I was rolling through my memory verses and the similarities clicked. I have to constantly review Scripture to keep good “muscle memory.” If I do not pull verses out of the “holster “regularly, they will remain useless when the “bad guy” surprises me.

It’s my observation that Scripture memory seems to be a less-common discipline now than it was 10 to 15 years ago. I can think of two possible factors.

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