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Listen to 'Dirty Ones' by Stephen Parker and Amber Constant


Jesus came for the dirty ones / So Jesus came for me

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You'll All Get Yours: The Fall of Taylor Swift


Our dead reputations can't be resurrected by vengeance.

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Q&A: Intellectual Honesty, Women Deacons and Excommunication

More questions, more answers. You may be wondering why we keep doing these Q&A sessions, and Pastor Mitch provides a great answer in the first minute or so of the first minute below. Basically: Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians was a really long Q&A session. So, there’s a precedent in church history of people asking serious questions and receiving honest, pastoral guidance.

At last Sunday’s session, we received questions about women deacons, excommunication and intellectual honesty when dealing with the trickier matters of our faith.

You can watch past Q&A videos here. And if you have questions about Christianity, the Bible, life, the universe or anything else, we’d love to have you join us for our next Q&A session this Sunday 15 minutes after the service. As always, questions can be texted in beforehand. To text us your questions, text “QNA42” to 91011!

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Small Groups Anonymous: Love and Loss in Christian Community


Hi, my name is Vanessa and I haven’t been on a small group in over a year. And I work here. Don’t tell the pastors, but I wasn’t on a small group because I didn’t want to be on one. Just kidding. They knew that. Or if they didn’t, they do now. But seriously, what makes a staffer and former small group leader decide to skip all the small group hoopla for a year?

I’ve been on a lot of Summitview small groups in the past 19 years. Somewhere around 10 different ones, give or take a few multiplications/un-multiplications/morphs over the years. I have been on small groups that I absolutely adored. We all enjoyed each other, wanted to spend time together outside of the once-a-week Bible study and had engaging conversations that went beyond Sunday school answers when studying the Bible together. We served together and drew others into our group.

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Responsibility – What's That? On Repentance and Owning Up to Our Sins


Earlier this year, four Vanderbilt University football players were convicted of raping an unconscious classmate on the way home from a party in the summer of 2013. The four players, after attending a particularly rousing get-together where at least one of them consumed up to 22 alcoholic beverages, made their way back to their dorm with a severely intoxicated female friend. The woman, who at the time was dating one of the four, had passed out at the party, so three men helped their teammate carry his unconscious girlfriend home. Once they arrived at her dorm, the four of them took turns sexually assaulting her. Some of the process was captured by the dorm's closed-circuit television cameras, but one of the players also sent several pictures and videos to another teammate throughout the whole ordeal. Basically, this incredibly heinous crime was captured on video nearly every step of the way.

Nevertheless, when it came time for trial, each of the men pleaded not guilty. How could they possibly deny culpability? Evidently, the guilty party was "campus culture." One of the defense attorneys offered an opening statement that described how his client "walked into a culture that changed the rest of his life.” The defense called on the testimony of a psychologist who explained how “at that age peer pressure is critical . . . because you’re just going out on your own, you’re not fully an adult, you’re not fully a child . . . You tend to take on the behavior of people around you.” The same psychologist stated that "because he was this intoxicated, he was not his normal self . . . He was doing things that he would not have done normally." These players were "good boys" who were acting outside of themselves. Alcohol and campus culture rendered them irresponsible for their actions.

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