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How Lent Guides Us on the Journey to Calvary


The best traditions bring us closer to God and one another.

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A Feast Observed: How Lent Helps Us Celebrate Jesus


I didn’t grow up Catholic but I do come from a long line of Polish Catholics. As a boy, this was the thrust of Lent — a Friday night fish fry for Jesus. And I love fish-n-chips. So, when our school cafeteria traded out meatloaf for fish sticks for six consecutive Fridays, I was pretty happy. But it was difficult to see the spiritual significance of it. As an adult, I find it is just as difficult. If any one does observe Lent, it seems they “give up” something that’s killing them anyway.

“That was a Mardi Gras for the books! (At least what I can remember.) Now, for Lent (because it’s important to Jesus), I’m giving up binge watching Netflix and bourbon.”

Let’s face it: Our self-justifying, self-righteous little hearts love rules — especially the ones that include a king cake and battered cod. We are capable of taking a season about remembering Jesus’ testing in the wilderness and turning it into a matter of menu choices.

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