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God Is in the Manger (and the Vomit)


Jesus makes any circumstance beautiful because he’s beautiful.

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So Much More Than We Can Carry: Chester Bennington, 1976–2017


All the screaming in the world can’t bear our heaviest burdens.

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The Giveaway


Life and death on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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Trailer: 'The Next Right Thing'

If your life fell apart while following God’s call, what would you do?

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In Your Despair, Suicide Doesn’t Have to Be the Final Word


September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This is a sobering topic and one with which our county is, unfortunately, well acquainted. It’s hard to say anything about the issue of suicide without trying to say everything, but this essay is primarily about the findability of hope when it all seems lost. If you are actively considering suicide, there are people waiting to talk with you. Please consider contacting the Crisis Text Line, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or Colorado Crisis Services.

The downward spiral started earlier that spring. As always, my depression came like a thief in the night, until I found myself bound in chains while it ran around in my life, crushing me.

That brought me to the beginning of June. The final day of horse camp. Horse camp had gone remarkably well. The kids were great. My helpers were fantastic, as always. The weather was beautiful. It had been loads of fun.

But after everyone had left, I slowly sank down into a chair in the barn’s tack room and wept. I was done…at the end of my rope, and not willing to hang on any longer. I was exhausted from the struggle of trying to hold myself together. I contemplated googling “painless ways to commit suicide” but I didn’t do it.

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