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Making New Friends Is Hard but Jesus Is Good


Following Jesus is awkward, uncomfortable, uncertain—and worth it.

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Faith and Darkness in Nepal: An Interview with Heidi Fuhrman and Molly Smith

Giving financially to support the operation of the Godawari Children’s Home is a beautiful, Christ-magnifying thing. But as Mitch Majeski’s interview on Sunday morning with Heidi Fuhrman and Molly Smith revealed, there is a greater spiritual battle being waged — both here and in Nepal. Our awareness of this reality should bring an added depth of faith and prayer to our giving — and our living. Spiritual darkness is present. Real lives are at stake. Supporting the Children’s Home is not just an additional deduction on your taxes. This is real. And Jesus wants our full attention.

We are sent ones. Heidi and Molly’s thoughts on Sunday were sobering and inspiring. If you weren’t at the service, the full interview is below. If you were there on Sunday, it’s worth another watch.

Please prayerfully consider giving to our 2016 Missions Fund. Go to to learn more about our efforts in Nepal and to make a pledge toward our goal of $36,000. This amount will cover all of the operational costs of the Children’s Home for a whole year, and we hope to have the full amount pledged by the end of April.

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All in the Family: Rejoicing in the Unexpected Blessings of a Simple ‘Yes’


Sometimes, the little things become the big things that change the trajectory of a life.

Five years ago, there was an unassuming email in my inbox from Mitch Majeski. No deep theology. No memorable Mitch humor or storytelling. Just a simple request for someone to house two Rock guys for the summer.

Mark and I both read the email and, on our own, thought, “Hey, we have a big empty room in our basement that no one is using.” I don't remember which of us said something first, but we both agreed that this was something we could do — a simple way to help out a couple of college guys for the summer.

Simple but, truthfully, not terribly convenient. Even as we sent the email to Mitch saying we'd take the guys, I had all these thoughts swirling around my head:

We don't know either of these guys.

I'm an introvert and I'm nursing a baby and who wants to do that with two strange guys around?

How would they be around my impressionable five year old daughter?

How much will they eat?

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Guaranteeing Time for Family in the Midst of Busyness


This post originally appeared September 12 at Scott Freeman's Art and Life Notes blog. Reposted with permission.

I admit that I might be a work-a-holic, just a wee bit.

Perhaps this is partly because my work tends to be enjoyable and meaningful, and partly because I’ve rarely made enough income for our large family. Or maybe it’s just the way I am wired. I don’t really know.

At any rate, my wife once had a come-to-Jesus talk with me about this that proved to be a turning point for our marriage and family. Had she not called me out, I think I would’ve been too oblivious to make needed changes. After all, my time-sucking pursuits were good, and so were my intentions. I wouldn’t have guessed how important an intentional “work-free” day would turn out to be for all of us.

What started out as an experiment turned out to be a practice on which we have never looked back. In fact all five of our kids came to think of our practice of Sabbath-keeping as an expectation. My wife and I now consider it to be a weekly blessing that we wouldn’t want to do without.

Since it’s the beginning of a busy new school year for many of us, I thought it might be helpful for me to share my story, and hear from others on what works for them.

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Life Is Good, Church Is Optional: On Valuing the Sunday Gathering


I like summer. I like playing outdoors — running, hiking, golfing, ultimate Frisbeeing. There’s so much at our fingertips living in Fort Collins. Because of the gorgeous weather and views, I feel a deep desire to collect as many fun outdoor memories as I can before it’s too late.

But too late for what?

Only 25 percent of Coloradoans attend a religious service on a weekly basis. We’re the 43rd worst state for church attendance. The only states ranked lower are in New England and the Pacific Northwest. I think our state knows that there are a lot of great outdoor things to do on the weekends. Sitting inside on a beautiful Sunday goes against the grab-it-while-you-can mentality summer dangles in front of us. There is an outdoor culture, an ethos, of valuing productivity and recreation on our weekends.

Whether it’s for leisure, busyness, or just apathy, the number of people attending church weekly in America is also dropping. Our weekends are filled with more and more youth sports tournaments and games, bosses calling people in to work , or other leisure opportunities. But more and more Americans are not using it for Sabbath.

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