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How Lent Guides Us on the Journey to Calvary


The best traditions bring us closer to God and one another.

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Atheist, Skeptic, Seeker, Believer: Dirk Robinson’s Baptism


The only thing we have is to follow God.

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By Quiet Streams: Why Silence and Truth Can Restore Your Soul


Reflecting on the hope of the crucifixion and resurrection requires quiet and calm.

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Sorry, Not Sorry: The Merits and Limits of Apologetics


How useful are apologetics in convincing someone about the truth of the gospel?

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Never Be the Same: Finding Reasons for Faith in ‘Risen’


Did Jesus really rise from the dead? That’s the question that a Roman tribune must face after witnessing the gruesome death of the purported King of the Jews, only to discover that Pilate’s efforts to keep the grave secure have gone awry. It sets him on a course of forensic detective work that has unexpected consequences on his own life.

This is the plot and premise of Risen. The main character, Clavius, played by Joseph Fiennes (pronounced “Fines”), joins a centurion named Lucius (Tom Felton, formerly of Harry Potter fame) in this quest for truth, and veteran actor Cliff Curtis plays a surprisingly believable Jesus. His disciples are also portrayed with all their quirks and flaws. In one interrogation scene, Bartholomew is asked to betray the conspirators who assumingly stole the body. When asked of the location of Jesus’ disciples, he humorously replies, “Everywhere!”

Risen is somewhat of an updated version of the classic 1953 film, The Robe, starring Richard Burton and Jean Simmons. Both depict a journey from paganism to personal faith. However, Risen offers a much more compelling case and apologetic. It’s more like the book The Case for Easter by journalist Lee Strobel, only in reel form. From fulfilled prophecy, to miracles, to the image on the burial shroud, to the payoff of the sentries at the tomb, and the appearances of the risen Christ, the viewer is clearly being challenged to weigh the evidence. (Spoiler Alert!) The climactic result for Clavius is his predictable yet inspiring proclamation, “I believe, and I can never be the same.”

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